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Pitcairn, the most remote Island in the World

The idea of a holiday is (usually) to take some time out to relax. That means peace, quiet and a beer by the pool. If you’re really into the idea of somewhere remote though, Pitcairn is the place to go.

1,400 miles away from Tahiti, Pitcairn Island has no runway and a mere 50 natives. It only spans across two miles, and is a strong tourist destination.

To put into perspective how Isolated it is, you can see a pointer where it is located in the South Pacific below. It’s considered the most remote place on the planet.

Pitcairn Island

(Image: Google)

Getting There

Getting there is no simple task. First of all, visitors must fly to Tahiti and then catch another flight to the French Polynesian Island of Mangareva. After that, you have to make that 1,400 journey to the island by sea.

The boat journey can only be done by a New Zealand cargo ship called the MV Claymore II, and it takes a long 32 hours.

Pitcairn Island Bay

Pitcairn Landing (Image: PSR)

Upon Arrival

As soon as you arrive to the island and disembark at Bounty Bay, your first challenge will be a massive uphill climb up the island’s only formally named road – appropriately called “The Hill of Difficulty”.

Once you manage this, you’ll arrive at Adamstown, where the island’s entire population is situated. Here you can find a post office, a museum and a small convenience store. Bare in mind the store is only open for an hour, three days a week.

Pitcairn Island Quadbike

Quad-Bikes are a favourite way of getting around the island. (Image: Getty)

What To Do

80% of the island’s economy is based on tourism, which comes as no surprise, since there’s almost no other way to get money around there!

You may be wondering what there actually is to do on such a remote island. Well, exploring is a great way to pass time there. Adamstown is also nice to look around apparently, as well as its museum.

Adamstown Church

Church of Adamstown (Image: Wikipedia)

Other than that, you will mostly want to use the time for some peace and quiet. You’ll be able to relax to some stunning scenery while nobody disturbs you.

It may only be a small place, and quite a nightmare to get to, but Pitcairn Island is the best type of holiday for those who like to explore and don’t want to be found.