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Top 10 Places to Visit, that you’ve Never Heard of

Us Brits are pretty good at making a habit out of visiting that same holiday destination year, after year. While it’s usually a great place, sometimes we just want something different every now and then.

Well, I’ve taken it a step further for you and done some research into the more obscure and relatively unknown parts of the world. If you’re after visiting somewhere a little unknown, and also a little different maybe, then check out the list below!

Jiuzhaigou National Park – China

It’s hard to believe this place is embedded near a largely populated city. Jiuzhaigou national park is well hell of a sight, especially its 1375 metre long crystal blue lake. In 1992 UNESCO turned it into a world heriatage site, and I’m not surprised.

Jiuzhaigou Lake

Image: Opodo

The Crooked Forest –Szczecin, Poland

Near the town of Gryfino in Western Poland, there is a rather peculiar pine forest. At least 400 of its poines have grown with a 90 degree bend from their roots.

Nobody is really sure how this has happened, as it’s most unusual, but it may be something to do with the area’s alleged gravitational pull.

Crooked Forest

Image: Lisa Brideau (Flickr)

“The Door to Hell” – Derweze, Turkmenistan

In 1971, a cavern collapsed in Derweze, Turkmenistan. Due to this collapse there was a huge spread of methane gas which could prove deadly. So, to counter this, scientists tried to burn it all off.

It didn’t quite go as they imagined though, as 46 years have now passed and it’s still burning. Due to its constant flames and hellish look, it got the name “The Door to Hell” but has only attracted a few tourists in its time.

Door To Hell

Image: Opodo

Yekaterinburg Salt Mines – Russia

You’re not tripping out here, that’s actually how the walls of this Russian salt mine look. Caused by a mineral called carnallite, the walls of this mine have naturally formed some beautiful and colourful swirls.

Salt Mine

Image: Opodo

The Inverted Tower – Quinta de Regaleira, Portugal

While this “inverted tower” is an absolute wonder on the inside, it’s also a beauty on the outside. It’s said to actually be a well, rather than a tower but when you take a look at how it’s been crafted, you can’t really decide for yourself if it really was a well, or just an architect experimenting.

Regaleira Portugal

Image: Opodo

Pingvallavatn Lake – Iceland

Ever felt like just getting directly between two entire continents? Of course you have! Well it’s actually possibly to do exactly that within Pingvallavatn Lake in Iceland.

Divers here can experience how it feels to be in two places at once, as they swim between Europe’s tectonic plate, and America’s tectonic plate.

Image: Opodo

Gassho-zukuri farmhouses – Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama, Japan

On your visit to Japan, why not take a look at something a bit more traditional? These farmhouses are available for tourists to stay in, and have such an authentic feel.

While it’s not a relatively popular tourist destination, it still gets fairly booked up and quite fast, so be sure to act swiftly if you want to give it a shot.

Shirakawa Go

Image: Opodo

Montreal Botanical Garden – Canada

Nature lovers would surely be in for a treat when it comes to the Montreal Botanical Garden. Known to be on the world’s botanical gardens, guests can make their way through 30 thematic gardens and 10 exhibition greenhouses.

It’s not for everyone, but the beauty of nature and the tranquillity of the gardens is very enjoyable for those that like the peace and quiet.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Image: Opodo

Haiku Stairs – Oahu, Hawaii

Quite literally a “Stairway to Heaven”, these stairs were built in 1942 for the then-top-secret task of transmitting radio signals to navy ships across the pacific.

It’s served its purpose since then, and is now a great challenge for anyone who thinks they can conquer this huge staircase. Think you can tackle the 3,992 steps it possesses?

Haiku Stairs

Image: Shawn Clover (Flickr)

Melissani Cave – Greece

Greeks have been aware of this place forever, but it’s quite the secret elsewhere. In greek mythology, Melissani Cave was the cave of Nypmhs. As nymphs are creatures of beauty, this naturally has to be a beautiful place to be!

Melissani Cave

Image: allwomenstalk

Are you quite the explorer already? Ever visited any of these locations? Got more unknown landmarks you wish to share? We’re always happy to hear from you, just drop a comment below!