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The best affordable Men’s Summer Colognes & Fragrances

Everytime Summer comes by, it’s generally an all-around good feeling. That’s so long as the sun stays shining, something it doesn’t always do here in the UK.

It finally becomes socially acceptable to wear shorts and it’s time to start smelling summery and refreshing. You don’t always have to put a hole in your pocket either when it comes to any colognes or aftershaves.

Here’s some of my personal favourites that I find do the job just nicely, and they don’t cost way too much.

Calvin Klein CK Everyone

CK Everyone

Image: Calvin Klein

Made with ginger and orange essential oil, this fresh fragrance leaves you feeling fresh. This item is also the brand’s first “clean” fragrance, due to it being 79% natural ingredients.

Retailing at £42, this one isn’t too expensive and can sometimes be found at a reasonable discount with some sellers. You can grab it here.

AllSaints Sunset Riot

Sunset Riot

Image: AllSaints

Actually intended as a unisex fragrance, this one refreshes you with the combined scent of orange flower and cedarwood.

Highly regarded amongst many and not badly priced between £30 and £40, treat yourself here.

Givenchy Gentleman


Image: Givenchy

A classic fragrance brought to us from our French neighbours. This aftershave has some spicy notes of cinnamon as well as tarragon which creates a quite the confident scent.

A little bit more expensive than the previous but still within a reasonable budget, you’re looking at around £48 to £59. Grab it here.

Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Image: Jimmy Choo

When the days and nights are warm, this one works perfectly. Including lime top notes and a musky base, this fragrance blends sweetness with a woody depth.

By far the cheapest on the list also, anybody charging over £40 is probably trying to rip you off! Get it here.

Do you have any favourite aftershaves that wasn’t too expensive to get? Let us know in the comments below! We might even add it to the list if it really was a gooden.