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5 of the most Popular Beard Styles

It’s not necessary to keep up with trends, but sometimes things that are considered “trendy” can actually be pretty decent. No need to be a hipster all the time!

When it comes to choosing my beard style, I tend to have a look around at what everyone else is doing and see if anything takes my fancy. More often than not I will be inspired by something for my next beard transformation.

It got me thinking what is popular nowadays, so here’s 5 of the most popular beard styles for anybody that needs a little inspiration on how they want their facial hair to look.


I see the Balbo everywhere at the moment. SomeĀ ell known icons that have rocked this look in recent times includes Robert Downey Jr and Christian Bale.

To achieve this one, you need to grow a full beard and leave it for a month or so. Once you have enough hair to shape it, then you can get sculpting. It’s probably best to use a straight razor for shaping it properly, and an electric razor to get rid of any side hair.

Robert Downey Jr

Image: beBee

Circle Beard

Sometimes you just don’t need to go all out and different. The circle beard is fairly standard in its appearance and makes you a lot more presentable if you’re not willing to shave the lot off.

All you’ll need to do to get this look is grow a decent amount of facial hair and then trim it as it needs. If you’re struggling just ask a barber for a hand to get a professional touch.

Hugh Jackman

Image: Pinterest

Full Beard

Call yourself a man? Think again. Unless you got a full beard you’re no real man! Apparently. Don’t worry I’m kidding, but if you’re really wanting go all out then the full beard is for you. Give it a snip here and there if there’s any discomfort. Other than that, let it all out!

Full Beard

Image: Bespoke Unit


Each to their own, but the Imperial is quite the classic that has made its way back onto the modern scene as of recent. It can take time to achieve this one, as you may need to resist shaving for a few months.

You can also mix it in with any chin beards you have going, just keep it simple to make the moustache your main focus.

Mel Gibson

Image: Miles Anthony Smith

Short/Medium Stubble

This is as easy as it gets. If you want a beard but also don’t actually want a beard, then the short or medium stubble is your answer. It’s fairly smart, can be achieved however you want and takes little effort to get it right.

Just don’t shave for a couple days and it’ll be there. Shave often to keep it at your preferred short length and just keep the focus on your face. Shave off any neck hairs and that’s it really.

Ryan Reynolds

Image: The Trend Spotter

Got any favourite trending beard styles? Give us a shout in the comments, let us know what you’ve settled with.