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Popular Vintage Men’s Hairstyles: The Man Wants Guide

Vintage Men’s hairstyles have seen a huge revival following the success of Peaky Blinders, Boardwalk Empire and Dunkirk. 

The classic vintage inspired hairstyles of men like Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy have sparked a real movement in the way that men have turned to traditional tailoring and styling.

In this article we’re going to talk you through 5 of the most popular, vintage inspired haircuts for Men – to help you on your way to nailing the coveted Shelby aesthetic.

Use these classic haircuts for inspiration when approaching your barber, as many of them offer a contemporary upgrade for the more modern man.

High Comb-Over 

The high comb-over vintage hairstyle was a very stylish look around the 1920’s. This look can be achieved by growing hair long enough on top to sweep back to the crown. Achieve this look by using a comb and a little hair gel or pomade.

Not got any hair gel on hand? Personally, I’d recommend TIGI’s “Bed Head” or a tub of Fonex’s “Gummy” hair gel.

Image showing man with a vintage high comb-over hairstyle

The High Comb-Over Vintage Men’s Hairstyle

Neat Side Parting 

The neat side parting is a classic vintage men’s hairstyle, commonly been rocked by the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling. It has been a staple in Men’s style since the 1920’s and offers a versatile hairstyle option that’s easy to manage. To achieve this look, grow a little length on top and style it as formally or informally, as you wish with a little wax or pomade.

Again, TIGI saves the day when it comes to hair wax. Their Matte Seperation hair wax holds shape very well.

Image showing a vintage side-parting men's hairstyle

The Classic Vintage Side-Parting


The undercut was often considered to be one of the bolder haircuts for men, featuring in countless editorials and fashion shows. Today, the vintage inspired men’s undercut hairstyle is a popular option that’s hit the mainstream with the likes of David Beckham and Tom Hardy, owning it.

The undercut is effortlessly timeless and packs many style points. There’s plenty of variations on the men’s undercut but it all depends on the length of your hair. To achieve the vintage undercut hairstyle, grow your hair out long on top (as long as you wish) and ask for an undercut with a fade on the sides – to keep it looking smart and sophisticated.

Image showing a vintage men's under-cut hairstyle

The under-cut vintage men’s hairstyle

Lateral Comb Over 

Similar to the high comb-over, the lateral comb-over hairstyle for men is a vintage inspired look that was classic to the golden era of Hollywood. Ask your barber or hairdresser to cut the sides very short, leaving the hair longer on top.

The lengths are then swept sideways across the head. Use hair product as desired, wax and pomade can help you achieve a dapper look, where a little gel will keep it loose and informal. Refer to my recommendations linked above if you’re not sure what to go for.

Image showing a vintage lateral comb-over men's hairstyle

The lateral comb-over Hairstyle

Simple Taper Fade 

The simple taper fade was a classic men’s haircut that’s remained popular through the generations. This vintage inspired hair cut was often rocked by the working-class man, who had less time to concentrate on their grooming regime.

The classic cut soon began creeping into the movies with many iconic movie stars working this simple fade. Keep just a little length on top and ask for a taper fade on the back and sides. This cut requires very little maintenance but looks effortlessly chic.

Image showing a vintage taper fade men's haircut

The classic Taper Fade

Let us know what you think of our list of vintage men’s hairstyles, and also let us know if there’s any killer cuts we’ve not mentioned! 

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