Men's Afro Hairstyles - Best Afro Hair Ideas and Styles


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Men’s Afro Hairstyles You Can Try Now

Time for a new style? So you’ve been plugging the same men’s hairstyle for so long now that your Facebook memories are hardly flashbacks. In 2017, men’s style and fashion pushed some serious boundaries and we were faced with some fresh and workable afro hair trends for men, which could be adopted by even the most fashionably faint. If it’s time for a hairstyle shake-up, we’ve scouted out some of the best men’s afro hairstyles to help you re-design your do! 

Consider a colour 

We’ve previously discussed the men’s hair dye trend in our post ‘Dye Hard – The Unconventional Men’s Hair Trend’. It isn’t such a faux pas for Men to experiment with hair colour anymore and as we enter 2018 – a hair colour switch-up should be considered for many.

Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent results take inspiration from celebrities like Zayn Malik and Tyga and hit the hair dye. Natural tones and highlights can bring definition to the wave of natural afro hair but make sure you seek professional advice to keep your curly hair healthy before you bring on the bleach – as men’s afro hair can be prone to chemical damage.

men's afro hairstyles

The Flat Top

That’s right, the flat top is back, bolder and bigger than ever. In the midst of a nineties revival, there’s no better time to embrace this angular hair-cut – one of the best men’s afro hairstyles in popular culture. Modern re-works include a high afro fade and rounded edges flat top for a softer look.

men's afro hairstyles

Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is a fierce and stylish way to style afro hair. Afro Fade both sides up and keep a little volume on top to achieve the best men’s afro hairstyle for making a keen, nostalgic nod to punk-rock ideologies.

men's afro hairstyles

Natural Texture

A full natural afro is cooler than ever and many men are embracing the natural texture of their afro hair. To rock this look make sure your hair is healthy and manageable with some simple styling tips.

For this men’s afro hairstyle – use a natural oil like Argan or Coconut Oil on your wet hair to eliminate frizz and protect against humidity. Plus – if you must use heat, use a heat defence product to minimise damage on afro hair.

men's afro hairstyles

High Top Dreads

This is a look that was championed across all the Fashion Capitals in 2017 and it certainly shows no signs of stopping. Style afro hair in dreads on top of your head and keep the style looking neat and polished with an afro fade or shorter layers on the side.

For men with afro hair, short and medium length dreads help deliver shape, whereas longer length dreads can be styled loose or with accessories for versatility.

men's afro hairstyles

Short Men’s Afro Hairstyles

This simple men’s afro hairstyle has been a classic, fail-safe for many years. The Short Afro for men, utilises your natural afro texture but is cropped shorter all-over for a low-maintenance do. Use a leave-in conditioner twice a week to keep afro hair soft and moisturised.

If you want to update this men’s afro hairstyle – ask your stylist to add a deep afro parting on one side.

men's afro hairstyles

The Wavy Buzzcut

This men’s afro hairstyle is similar to a buzzcut, in that it’s short and manageable but delivers a lot more in the style stakes. The wavy buzzcut, crops hair short but keeps the natural texture of afro hair for a softer look which can be differentiated from the staple skinhead. This is one of the best ways to style afro hair if you’re looking for manageability and a quick fix.

men's afro hairstyles

Afro Braids Hairstyle

Braids never go out of style. In 2017, braids for afro hair were bigger than ever with some of fashions most stylish men experimenting with men’s braid styles. Step aside from the traditional cornrows and go for something a little more contemporary. Afro Undercuts for men and men’s braids make the perfect pairing for the man who likes a little edge.

men's afro hairstyles