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The Men’s guide to growing your hair out

At the time of writing this piece, a lot of blokes that prefer their hair short are in quite a situation. Hairdressers are currently closed and unless you or your partner are one of them… you’re stylistically screwed.

But… are you really? Adopting a mop isn’t that bad at all, and it doesn’t always mean you’ll look like a dirty caveman. Paddy has been sporting medium-long hair for as long as I can remember now, and I very rarely don’t rock a mullet.

I know it’s about preference at the end of the day, but there’s nothing to fear. Single guys will be pleased to know that a lot of ladies love men with long hair too. If you need convincing just take a look at Hollywood icons such as Jason Momoa, Keanu Reeves and Chris Hemsworth.

If you already followed our great guide to growing a beautiful beard, then keep reading as you will find some great tips on how to compliment it with a beautiful head of hair!

Chris Hemsworth

Image: Pinterest

Patience May be Required

If you are actually wanting your hair to be longer (as opposed to being forced into it by the pandemic), then a bit of patience might be required by some. On average, experts think hair grows about half an inch per month.

However, everybody is different so just give it time. It’s worth noting that a healthier lifestyle will allow natural hair growth to accelerate so try keep stress to a minimum and do your best to keep in shape.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Unless you become a grease monster quite easily, you don’t necessarily need to wash your hair daily. You want to keep some of the natural oils present so if you do have to wash it daily be sure to use an organic or mild shampoo.

A good leave-in conditioner applied once a week keeps your hair healthy and strong, allowing it to grow thick and full.

Avoid Heated Styling Tools

Personally, I’ve never found much use for styling tools of any sort but any that apply heat can be damaging to  your hair, affecting the rate of its growth.

If you wish to make use of blow dryers or any other tool that applies heat just make sure the heat isn’t on too high and that you don’t scorch your hair. Just blow it until it is only slightly damp to stay on the safe side.

Trim your Hair

Hold on a minute, isn’t this the exact type of thing we’re trying to avoid here? Well, yes… and no. Cutting off any damaged bits of hair such as split ends keeps it growing strong.

If you keep to this every 8 to 12 weeks then your hair should grow faster naturally as well as avoiding any breakages. All you need is a pair of scissors in front of the mirror. You don’t need any hairdressing experience, don’t worry. If you’re still not confident ask the Mrs to help you out, she’ll probably have the time of her life.

Jason Momao

Image: Pinterest

Brushing and Combing

Don’t worry chaps, most other guys don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to brushing their hair either. It’s worth getting on top of it though to avoid any nasty knotting and to keep it tidy.

When your hair is long enough, begin brushing at the tips while holding the rest of your hair in the other hand. Figure out any tangling with your fingers as you might end up damaging hair strands otherwise.

It’s worth investing in a good hairbrush if you’re serious about things. I’d recommend this boar bristled one.

Don’t be afraid of Bobbles

Not so much a tip for your hair but don’t be too afraid to try out a man-bun or just tying it back. This practice wasn’t considered “manly” to start with but to hell with that, who doesn’t want to look like a Samurai?

See what you can do when it gets to the right length, and if you think it looks good then that’s because it does. Keep to it!

This guide applies to any point time, but at the time of writing during the pandemic hairdressers are impossible to come by, and that’s okay. Long hair is nothing to be ashamed of or fear fellas!

If you have any more tips for guys wanting to grow their hair out, or just want to chip in to some general discussion please feel free to drop a comment below!