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Tight Underpants Won’t Give You Cancer

Okay fellas, you may have heard all sorts of silly rumours regarding tight underpants amongst you and your mates. Let me put this straight for you – wearing tight underpants will NOT increase your risk of cancer. The one thing that could increase, however, is the pitch of your voice.

This rumour has officially been debunked, as well as a few others. This includes men carrying phones in their pockets as well as spending a lot of time on their laptops. This all comes from research carried out by the Universersity College Cork in association with Breakthrough Cancer Research.

Dr Aoife Ryan has explained how many of these beliefs that men have come with no scientific background to them:

Between 45pc and 52pc believed that wearing tight underwear, carrying mobile phones in pockets or extended use of computers on their laps increased their risk of testicular cancer,

“We also found that most are concerned about developing cancer but, worryingly, less than 50pc had sought information to help them lower their cancer risk.

“These findings again highlight the need for straightforward, evidence-based in- formation about cancer and risk factors.”

There you go. From an actual doctor herself, you can stop worrying now.

Source: Independent