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E-Cigarettes may be just as harmful as smoking tobacco afterall

Everyone that knows me is fully aware of how I feel about E-cigarettes. You either get a real one, or you don’t bother at all. None of this “vape” rubbish. According to research, it may not be as less harmful as initially thought.

It makes sense though. If you’re using one to help give up smoking, it may be best to look at alternatives. However, if you’re doing it because you think it’s actually a good idea, then think again. Apart from looking and smelling horrendous, you’re still burning a chemical substance that is travelling through your lungs and body.


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According to a new study from the University of Connecticut, e-cigarettes loaded with nicotine-based liquids are potentially just as harmful as unfiltered tobacco. This is in terms of causing cellular mutations, as well as DNA damage. This leads to diseases such as cancer. So, that terrible disease you were hoping to avoid, you may well be just making it more likely still.

Public Health England (PHE) actually stated last year that vaping is “95% less harmful” than tobacco, but this study contradicts that. Ever since the E-cigarette first appeared on the market in 2004, it has steadily seen increase in ¬†popularity. Laws on their use indoors isn’t as strict as tobacco smoke, but most places still prohibit their use.

There’s nothing final on whether it’s just as bad for you, but it seems likely. Are you an E-cigarette user? Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Eurekalert