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7 Types of Friends EVERY Man Has in His Life

So far my years spent on this Planet, could be described as some unfortunate parody. I’m lucky enough to have done most of the standard things any middle-aged guy has embarked on, I struggled through high-school, made it to University, graduated into a good job and set-up camp with my own humble pad.

These life goals have simply been check points in my history with lads holidays, nights outs, weekends watching box-sets and a series of unfortunate dates – tying this laughable parody together. I have so many memories that make laugh, make me cringe and make me want to run to the hills – but one thing that life has taught me so far, is that friends are fundamental and every character in my life has somehow shaped these events.

So, I had a little chat with the rest of the guys in the office and we were in stitches, as we defined the ‘7 Types of Friends Every Man Has in His Life’. This is no joke, I’m telling you this is science! Have a read and see what you think…

The Childhood Chum

You’ve known each other since you first met on the street outside your house. You have accomplished every momentous mile-stone, side by side – from learning to riding a bike to getting over that messy break-up. The childhood chum is a permanent fixture in most men’s life and it’s most likely that your mum has referred to him at least once as ‘the son she never had’…Thanks Mum.

The Liability

Every guy has a friend, who’s a complete liability. His ‘unique’ sense of humour has almost left you with a permanent criminal record and a countless back-catalogue of drunken arguments, leaves you wondering how this friendship ever survived. The most impressive thing about your liability friend is that, through thick and thin he’s stayed in touch and, although he’s a pain in the arse, you can’t help but laugh over a pint about the times he got you in trouble…

The Work Husband

There’s no love story more romantic than that of your work husband. This bromance is a friendship which formed on a professional basis and grew into something beautiful. He knows when you’re hungover, he has your back when you’re working a little too close to that deadline and he’s always on the same page when it comes to THOSE private jokes….The work husband is an essential in every working man’s life. I love you man!

The Wingman

So he’s tall, handsome and has the charisma of Jude Law in some nineties rom-com movie. You’ve been dreaming of the day he’d settle down in a long-term relationship and leave you to parade round town like a sexy, lone-ranger, since you were teenagers. The truth is this handsome bachelor, will always be your Wingman and although he’s responsible for cock-blocking you on a weekly basis, you’d never dream of going on a night-out without him and his charm.

The Fitness Freak

You know the scenario, you’re on holiday, you’re feeling tanned and toned on the beach, then some bright spark decides to take a group photo and upload it to Facebook. By the time you finally get to see it, your gran has commented on it and every possible love interest has given it a pity ‘like’. It’s at this point you realise, you’re stood directly next to your mate the Gym addict. He’s towering above you, all pecks and abs with his massive bicep wrapped around your skinny little neck, making you look like you’re some kitten he’s just rescued from a tree. Your mate the Fitness Freak is the nicest chap you know but his interest in the gym and godly physique, emasculates you in an instance. I keep saying, this time next year I’ll be this friend, but I’ve just not got round to it yet…

The Sensible One

When everyone was partying and making bad decisions, this friend was working hard and investing in some clever little business idea. Now it’s time to consider getting a mortgage and choosing life insurance, he’s your go to man. His sensibility paid off years ago and although you all mocked him at the time, you’re glad you have at least one friend who has his stuff together!

The Flaky Friend

You’ve known him for years and he never changes when you finally get to see him again but at times he had you wondering if his presence was just a figment of your imagination. The Flaky friend is the one that makes organising a pint down the local a mission impossible. When you finally get this friend round your house, you feel like locking him up in your basement so he can’t leave you for another six months. Despite his human interaction, this is the friend most likely to tag you in more memes than anyone…thank Facebook for letting us know he’s alive.

So there we have the ‘7 Types of Friends Every Man Has in His Life’, did you manage to tick them all off? Or is there some that we have forgotten? Leave us a comment below and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, to tag your friend and make it known!