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Things to know before you go for a Run on Hot Days

Going for a run on hot days can be quite exhausting. That’s so long as our British Summer actually gives us any more hot days.

We still have a fair bit to go for this Summer, and with any luck our sunny weather will stay a bit longer. For all those runners though, it’s quite challenging.

A lot may decide to take to their treadmills inside. That’s fine, a more controlled temperature to avoid overheating isn’t a bad idea. However, some of us want to soak up those sun rays while we can.

There are a few tricks to bare in mind to keep yourself cool during the heat and humidity when Summer comes around.

Guy Running in the Sun

(Image: Science News)


Lowering your body temperature BEFORE you start exercising has quite the advantage. It doesn’t matter if you do it internally or externally either.

Internally would just require consumption of icy beverages. Externally could mean a cold towel over your head and neck, cooling vests, ice packs – whatever takes your fancy.

External cooling lowers the skin temperature which causes a slower increase in temperature when you start exercising. Either way, you’ll dissipate heat much more efficiently.

Ice Fruit Drinks


Don’t Push Yourself

It’s okay to push yourself, but not too much. Especially in the warm weather. ┬áIf you push yourself too hard, it could turn out to be fairly dangerous.

Summer heat means you’ll be working harder to regulate your temperature, and you lose a lot more sodium through sweat. High humidity also means sweat takes longer to evaporate.

Don’t let any dip in your pace discourage you. While the heat is strong, it’s okay to take it down a slight notch. When the time comes, you can pick those speeds right back anyway.

Man Sweating

(Image: Greatist)

Sports Drinks

Water is the best liquid for your body. I know a lot of you may not be in for sport drinks – they’re loaded with all sorts of sugary ingredients. However, summer time could be the best time for them.

Your increased loss of sodium can be recovered with the right sports drink. Increased sweating means cramping, but replenishing the electrolytes that allow your muscles to contract makes easier movement.


(Image: BBC)

It’s key to just listen to what your body demands. Do what’s right for you if you plan to run in the summer heat.

Stay safe, stay cool, and don’t overdo it.

Source: Men’s Journal