Could Dubai become a cycling tourist hot-spot?
28th March 2017

When you hear ‘cycling’, you tend to think mountains, dirt paths, Tour de France – basically, a group or solo activity that takes you through woodland or countryside. David Mellar (Tour de France stage winner and wearer of the all three Grand Tour leader’s jerseys) claims that there is one place great cycling that nobody knew about – Dubai!

Dubai, as you know, is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and is home to the Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. Its arid and sun-soaked desert landscapes can reach over 40 degrees celcius, so how could its sandy dunes possibly be a hot-spot for cyclists?

Dubai Cycling Al Qudra

The Al Qudra cycling circuit is said to be amazing for building speed on its beautifully done surface. (Image: Telegraph)

Turns out that Dubai has plenty of cycle space and perfectly tarmacked tracks that stretch into the distant horizon, leaving plenty of space to set a good pace and try to top your best speed. However, the heat can be a problem. You need water, and a lot of it. Early cycle trips starting as early as 5AM are always best, just before the sun comes up. That way you make most of the cooler air and a much safer environment to be exercising before the sun comes up and incinerates everything.

Dubai Cycling City Skyline

Word of advice – don’t go cycling in Dubai’s rush hour traffic. (Image: Telegraph)

Certainly a unique experience, especially for any cycling fans out there. I wouldn’t mind giving this a try myself! It’s a lot sweatier and stickier than the French Alps, bare in mind. Dubai holds an ‘Ultimate Pro-Cycling Experience’ during October time and if you can afford it (comes to around £3,245 for 4 days, full board, for 2 people) then why not give it a shot?

Source: Telegraph


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