Energy Drinks mixed with Alcohol are bad, according to Research

To be quite honest, it doesn’t take a genius to guess that Energy Drinks mixed with Alcohol are a bad combination. One of them makes you feel very sleepy, where the other makes the feel wide awake. Two feelings that surely should never be present at the same time.

Mixing energy drinks such as Red Bull or Monster with Vodka or Jägermeister seems to be a popular choice of beverage in clubs and pubs. I guess it is the only way that anyone could even remotely enjoy the taste of those revolting energy drinks as such, but research emerging from Canada suggests that it can be a risky combination. They’ve described it as a “wide-awake drunk” state, and can encourage you to drink more than usual – leading to more accidents and injuries.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks usually contain the same amount of caffeine as a mug of instant coffee. (Image: BBC)

On top of this, mixing a highly caffeinated drink (like all energy drinks are) with alcohol has potential to cause sleeping issues as well as heart problems, such as an increased heart rate. Admittedly there needs to be more research down those lines, but if your chemical knowledge is good then you can make a decent guess as to what these two substances combined could do. I imagine further research will be carried out to give us a more definite answer as to whether it’s worth worrying about it or not.

This is not to say you shouldn’t drink such beverages, I’m sure you’re responsible enough to make your own decisions.

Source: BBC


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