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4 Delicious Ales that will make you a Real Ale convert

Don’t get me wrong here, a nice chilled pint of Lager in the sun is great, but in the pub? No thanks, give me an Ale any day! 

Ale has been Britain’s best consumable beverage dating back to the middle ages when it was even cleaner and safer to drink than the local water supply. It’s not something to be downed pint after pint though, that’s one way to ruin a delicious Ale experience!

Here are some of my favourite Ales for all those lager drinkers that are considering changing their drinking habits to one with a much classier and respectable taste.


Hobgoblin Ale

Image: Lancashire Telegraph

Brought to you by my favourite Brewery, Wychwood, Hobgoblin is a classic Ruby beer. It’s crafted to deliver a chocolate toffee malt flavour that is then balanced out with moderate bitterness and an overall fruity character. You can also get a pale edition that has a huge hoppy punch.

As a bonus, their website offers some rather fantastic merchandise such as well designed and printed shirts as well as the most amazing pewter tankard I’ve ever seen.

Doom Bar


Image: buddycreative

Hailing from Cornwall, Sharp’s Brewery gives you Doom Bar. A beautiful Amber Ale with “an enticing aroma of resinous hop, sweet malt and delicate roasted notes”. You’ll have no problem finding this Ale as it seems to be on draught everywhere.

Doom Bar has won multiple awards in the past, so give it a shot when you’re next out for a pint.




A Kentish ale (yes, I read that wrong at first too…) that boasts being the most successful ale story of the last decade. Originally brewed by Britain’s oldest brewery to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, this hoppy and characteristically Kentish ale is still brought to us to this day due to becoming one of the nation’s favourites.

Just like Hobgoblin, it also comes in a Gold edition, so there is a best of both worlds!

Trooper Ale

Trooper Bruce Dickinson

Image: Brave Words

Another favourite of mine, not just because it is brought to us by Iron Maiden‘s very own Bruce Dickinson, but because its malt flavour with slight hint of lemon is an absolute joy to the taste buds.

Brewed in Stockport’s very own Robinson’s Brewery, a keg of Trooper is a must have for all ale lovers. Collecting the bottle caps from bottles seems to be a thing I’ve started subconsciously doing too, since they’re always printed with a different take on Iron Maiden‘s Mascot, Eddie.

There’s a few of the easiest Ales for beginner beer-bellies.

Keep your eyes peeled for future beer related articles, as I venture deeper into the obscure realm of Ales.