Some of Football’s most humiliating losses
29th November 2016

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A fair share of footballers have famously opened their floodgates on the pitch, but some have more reason than others.

Here are a few football memories that I have unearthed of times when the match results were somewhat embarrassing to say the least, with the best ones saved for last.

1) 2014 World Cup – Brazil (1 – 7) Germany

Rough day in the office for David Luiz (Image: CBC)

Rough day in the office for David Luiz (Image: CBC)

Anyone that doesn’t have much Football knowledge is probably still aware that Brazil have a great international football team.

However, they met quite an embarrassing defeat in the 2014 World Cup when Germany wiped the floor with them 7 – 1. To add salt to the wounds, this was all on their home turf.

2) Premier League 1999 – Man. United (8 – 1) Nott. Forest

(Image: Goal)

A proud United crowd back in ’99 (Image: Goal)

Famous for being the largest away victory in premier league history, but also Manchester United’s then substitute Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored 4 goals of his own, setting the record for the most goals by a substitute in a single match.

Not bad, unless you support Nottingham Forest.

3) 2010 – Barcelona (8 – 0) Almeria

(Image: Goal)

(Image: Goal)

Back in 2010, Almeria suffered quite the defeat at the hands of Barcelona, who managed to get 5 of 8 goals in the first half alone. Almeria did themselves no favours either, considering they managed to score an own goal.

I’m guessing the damage was already done by that point.

4) League Cup 1986 – Liverpool (10 – 0) Fulham

Local papers after the match. (Image: Whoateallthepies)

A local paper after the match. (Image: Whoateallthepies)

The largest single game margin of victory in League Cup history. Liverpool were defending league champions at the time and had won the league cup four times between 1981 and 1984.

Probably a day Fulham prefer not to think about too often.

5) World Cup 2010 Qualifier – Bolivia (6 – 1) Argentina

Sure. Let's blame the altitude. (Image: Bolivia Hop)

Sure. Let’s blame the altitude. (Image: Bolivia Hop)

April 2009 saw Argentina’s worst ever in World Cup qualifying. Quite a big deal for a renowned international team to lose against one of the region’s weakest teams in a World Cup qualifier.

Bolivian host seems to get the blame for Argentina’s weak performance due to its high altitude.

6) World Cup 2002 Qualifier – Australia (31 – 0) American Samoa


Just a bad day… right? (Image Credit: Bleacher Report)

The largest international defeat EVER, as you probably guessed. Australia’s Archie Thompson scored 13 goals alone within this match, meeting the previous record for most goals scored in a senior match by a player.

This ridiculous match saw the introduction of a preliminary round in Oceania qualifying to prevent unbalanced results in the future. Quite understandable really, nobody deserves that kind of humiliation!

7) 1908 – Sunderland (9 – 1) Newcastle

Old picture of Sunderland AFC back in 1908 (Image: Twitter)

Old picture of Sunderland AFC back in 1908 (Image: Twitter)

Just over 100 years ago saw the largest away win in the First Division. The game was apparently called to a halt after 74 minutes, probably because Newcastle stood little chance from there on.

8) Scottish Cup 1885 – Arbroath (36 – 0) Bon Accord

Very old picture of Arbroath in 1885. (Image: Telegraph)

Very old picture of Arbroath in 1885. (Image: Telegraph)

This match held its record of the largest victory margin ever for a good 117 years, with Australia’s win over American Samoa coming within a few goals since.

Bon Accord had barely even formed as a team for a year when they faced Arbroath, who had been established already for a good 7 years at the time. 15 goals were scored before half time, with another 21 continuing for the next half.

Arbroath’s John Petrie scored 13 goals alone, setting the record for the most goals scored in a senior tournament which was later met by Archie Thompson in 2001 for the World Cup 2002 Qualifier match vs American Samoa (mentioned earlier).

9) TBH C. League 2002 – AS Adema (149 – 0) SO L’Emyrne

The protest in action. (Image: Complex)

The protest in action. (Image: Complex)

A personal favourite of mine. Recognized by Guiness World Records, I give you the largest victory margin in Football history. Ever.

You may be wondering how the hell this kind of result is even possible? Well, it’s not really if you play the game properly. SO L’Emyrne had already pre-determined this outcome before they even hit the field. A penalty disagreement with the referee beforehand caused them to protest, scoring 149 own goals for their arch rivals, AS Adema. Apparently, as soon as the ball entered the field it was instantly kicked back into their own net, over and over and over.

Obviously, this sort of behavior was not acceptable. As you can imagine, spectators were enraged and demanding refunds. 3 team members of SO L’Emyrne were suspended until the end of the season as well as being banned from visiting stadiums for the same period.

The rest of the teams on both sides were let off with a warning of serious consequences if any offenses were continued. The referee wasn’t punished though, despite his judgement being the reason for the whole situation.

10) Tiger Cup 1998, Thailand (3 – 2) Indonesia

The score margin here isn’t what makes it worthy of this list, but more how the final goal was executed.

The losing team of this match would have to face Singapore instead of the host Vietnam, which was perceived as the easier opponent. It would also be a massive convenience for Indonesia as they wouldn’t have to move training base.

While the score was tied in injury time after 90 minutes, Indonesian defender, Murysid Effendi, saw an opportunity. He went out of his way to score an own goal, resulting in Thailand’s victory. This was most certainly not one of his best ideas, however.

FIFA fined both teams $40,000 as a result for “violating the spirit of the game”. As for Effendi himself, well… he is never allowed to take part in international football for as long as he lives.

Sources: Wikipedia

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