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How to Turn Your Man Cave into a Gentleman Cave

Man cave, fortress of solitude, bachelor pad – whatever you call it, it’s your space to get away from it all. A place to hide from the fast life that is the modern world. A place to hang with your closest friends. 

The man cave trend almost seemed like a competition between friends; who can make the coolest, manliest space? You’ve carved out a room in your house with grand ideas of poker nights, movie marathons, and jam sessions, decorated with collectables and posters of favourite bands. Maybe you’ve used it a few times to have the lads over to watch football. Maybe you’ve used it to escape from a girl’s night once or twice. Perhaps now it’s lost its excitement and sits mostly unused.

Don’t fret; it’s easy to breathe new life into an old room without starting from scratch. With a few small upgrades and a bit of effort, you can modernise your man cave and turn it into a gentleman cave.

Tidy up

Having your knick-knacks strewn about isn’t a good look, but you don’t need to throw everything in a drawer and keep them out of sight. Declutter and arrange bookshelves, desks and end tables. Set your coffee table easily by adding a few books, some coasters, and a tray for remote controls.

Organise your collectables

Continuing from the last point, your collectables should be displayed properly and don’t need to be put away in a box. Your space should reflect your personality, so show them off! A more grown-up space means organising, whether its comic books, figurines, or vinyl. Designer sideboards are a great way to maximise your storage space while keeping it sleek and stylish.

Decorate your walls

Swap the cliché university-style decor for something a little more grown up, like modern art. Art prints are impressive, but navigating the world of fine art might seem overwhelming for someone unfamiliar, so take the time to learn the language.

Treat yourself to a good sofa

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on, it’s your comfort. Whether you choose a sofa or a chair, it’s wise to invest in a quality piece of furniture that will last. Dump that old chair and get one you’d be proud to show off.

Upgrade your tech

Smart home gadgets are more than just a trend – they’re here to stay. Invest in some tech that will not only help make your space more energy efficient but will also excite guests. Dimming lights and turning on music are just two of the many ways smart home technology makes things more convenient for you.

Have a sophisticated bar

You can’t go wrong with beer, but since this is a gentleman cave, why not broaden your horizons? Invest in a few good quality bottles of liquor you can impress your friends with and learn how to make some classic cocktails. Take it one step further and display your bottles elegantly with a bar cart or hutch, accompanied by some nice whisky glasses for the full effect.