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5 Cool Hairstyles For Guys With Wavy Hair

Tending to the curls can be a real pain for us guys with the longer locks. Some days it’s just all too easy to tie it all up and forget about it. But what if you actually want a hair ‘style’ and not just some hair? We let Ali write this article as she likes a guy with longer hair. She’s a cool lass and we always confident that we’ll get the best opinion on our style.

I had a little look around and compiled a gallery of awesome hair styles that should fill you with confidence and make you love your hair again. After whittling the gallery down to the best 5 I figured I’d offer some thoughts on each style. I guess I should say that these are all fairly medium to thick hair types.

If your hair is a little finer or more ‘fly away’ than these then I’d definitely recommend hunting down some hair volume products. There’s plenty around. I’ll list a couple of my favourites at the end of the article.
Oh and it’s not at all un-manly to use products on your hair. Small price to pay for looking great!

Note: Ignore the fact that these guys are all ridiculously handsome models (which of course had nothing to do with my choosing them!). It’s the hair we’re interested in!

Mid-Length Wavy Mess

Mid-Length Wavy Mess

Image: Lusty Fashion


The key to rocking this hair style is in your face’s shape. A rounder, more fuller face doesn’t stand up to having a style that effectively frames your features. If you have the jaw-line or simply a slim, oval face shape, you should easily carry this style off.

There’s plenty of layering here but the fringe is kept long and well over the eyes. I particularly like how the hair is allowed to fall over the ears but could just as easily be swept back and kept tidy. Not too much hair but by no means a short style.

Proper stylish.

Thick ‘N Curly Mop

Thick N Curly Mop

Image: sophiegee.com

At first glance this may look a lot like the ‘Fellaini‘ of hair styles. Lots of hair and worn very thick. But in reality it’s just a well layered and well shaped cut that suits anyone with slightly darker features.

I think you could wear this style if your face is a little fuller. Careful with the beard though. Too much facial hair and you could be in danger of looking more Chewbacca than cool!

Once again the fringe is kept long and therefore will look pretty cool with some designer glasses or shades.

Windswept Long Fringe

Windswept Long Fringe

Image: Favim

If the previous style appeared ‘Fellaini’ then this one is surely the ‘David Silva‘ of styles. It’s by no means a long hair style but once again there’s some effective layering and the fringe is kept long.

The ears are very much on show and with the hair swept back could make for a very respectable hair style to meet your potential in-laws with.

This style could well suit the more fuller featured face. If you have the narrower face shape then some stubble or a light beard would look great. Otherwise, I’d recommend going for the clean shaven look.

Beach Hair

Beach Hair

Imge: hji.com

Ok, so I admit I love this style the most. It’s just that it’s not really the sort of style for anyone with the broader features.

The fringe, as always, is kept long while the rest of the hair is kept relatively short. It weighs heavy on the top and a little lighter down the sides with the ears once again just about visible.

If you can tolerate your locks flying around in the wind and potentially having to sweep your hair back from your face every 5 seconds, then this has to be the style for you.

Depending on your hair colour your stylist may well suggest some highlights. Failing that they may well prescribe spending a good deal of time by the sea and in the sunshine to achieve the full effect. Just avoid the sun-in. Ginger / brown is not the two tone style of choice here.

If your hair is fairly thick you won’t need to do too much to maintain this style. Just wash and let it dry naturally.

It’ll also sweep back for those all important job interviews and meetings with the bank manager!


Long Mop

Long Mop

Image: Pinterest

This one is pretty much the pick of the bunch if you want to be tying your hair back. Though you can do the same with the other styles I feel that this style naturally lends itself to the ponytail or ‘man bun’.

There’s very little product going on here but if your hair is on the light side you’d probably benefit from some product to add some volume.

The fringe is long and not particularly curly. If your hair curls much more than this then depending on your hair type you could apply some product and blow dry the style.
If your hair is like wire you may even get away with tying it up straight from the shower for an hour and then letting it down. With some fresh air you could easily get the desired effect.

Recommended Volume Products for Men’s Hair


Fudge is a firm favourite (pardon the terrible pun) with the guys at Man Towers. It doesn’t need much and will give your hair some serious style, shape and hold for the entire day. As with most products a little goes a long way. It’s great on short hair but equally effective when applied sparingly to longer hair.

Balmain Salt Spray

Bring a bit of Bondi to your hair with this excellent Balmain salt spray. You don’t get a lot in the bottle but equally you don’t need a lot. Apply to damp or dry hair and give it a good scrunch. The effect is awesome and will ensure you stand out from the regular shaved sides and slick top crowd. I’ve been known to use this myself from time to time!

If you’re a longer haired guy or keen to grow your hair a bit, I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up of cool styles and must-have products.