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7 of the most Chilling Paranormal Encounters that will keep you up for Weeks

I’m not really one for believing in Ghost and all that paranormal tosh, but it doesn’t mean I’d be okay to experience anything of the sort either. There’s no denying that some things CAN’T be explained.

I know exactly why Malcolm and Ali ganged up on me to write this article. Despite being a sometimes snobbish skeptic, I’m still quite easily spooked by this sort of thing. It’s just a natural reaction to something you can’t explain.

It still fascinates me though, despite the jump scares or goosebumps on the back of my neck. I’ve never had a paranormal experience myself, and I’m not sure how I’d react if I ever did, but I looked through the internet good new and old paranormal cases.

There’s so many videos on YouTube claiming to be some sort of Paranormal Activity. Some are very clearly staged, some are deliberately staged yet still chilling, but there are some that baffle me. Here’s some of the best ones that I’ve known through my internet years.

Headless Ghost

It seems compulsory to film your ghost footage on a “potato” quality sort of camera, as some people may say. It tends to be the way, especially for older videos or security camera footage. Despite the low quality of this video, it’s still interesting.

It’s not clear when this video was taken but it’s been around for near enough a decade. It takes place in what looks like an abandoned school, supposedly in Iraq. If you skip to 2:09 in the video below, you’ll notice what looks like a headless figure just appearing out of nowhere.

Weirdly enough, it appears just as a nearby mosque starts its prayer. Creepy. You can clearly see a shot of around the room before the cameraman enters and there’s nobody else to be seen. No reaction seems to be given either, which suggests the lads wondering around the building didn’t even see it.

It could just be a really lucky illusion given to the camera, but it’s very intriguing.

Catalonia “Chupacobra/Fallen Angel”

Not gonna lie, this video scared the hell out of me when I first ever saw it. This video doesn’t have a lot of background to it, apart from the fact it was taken back in 2006 near Catalonia in Spain. What these men managed to capture on film could be the result of desperation for fame, a cruel prank being played on them, or genuine paranormal activity.

The video (provided below) shows two men following what looks like a trail of feathers on the floor in the woods, before coming across a humanoid figure straight across from them. They start to zoom in on the, but appear to accidentally grab its attention by what sounds like one of them stepping on a twig, or something.

The thing then quickly turns its head to reveal glowing eyes, before the two blokes are spooked and run for their lives. Viewers have speculated the thing in the video could be the likes of a Chupacobra, a “fallen angel”, or just a weirdo in the woods. My guess is the latter.

The spines on its back are a little odd for a person, and its eyes appear to be very concave and somehow glow. It may very well be a set up with some awesome prosthetics, but it’s also possible these guys just found Carl taking a dump in the woods on a Sunday night. The resemblance is somewhat suspicious.

Wentworth Woodhouse

I completely understand why you’d take this one with a pinch of salt. Most Haunted have had their backlash in the past, especially with their old psychic, Derek Acorah, who was constantly criticized for being a fake as well as supposedly being caught doing research prior to turning up to the locations. I thought psychics could get that information the telepathic way?!

However, since is departure the show got a bit more believable, and in one of the newer episodes of the show during 2017 the team did capture something very weird indeed. Taking place in Wentworth Woodhouse in South Yorkshire, a ghostly figure is very clearly seen making its way up a set of stairs in the stable block of the grounds. They’d never managed to catch something quite this clear until now.

The figure is completely silent, and if you watched the episode you’ll know that all known personnel on site were accounted for. Suspiciously, the figure does look sort of like it has modern clothing and it only appeared as the camera was placed completely still. It may seem quite petty to pick up on that, but I can’t remember any other time the team happened to place their camera down whilst exploring.

It’s possible this figure was added as part of post-production, but honestly, Offcom would have bashed them if they did, destroying their reputation for good. It’s also possible somebody managed to prank the team but when the figure is chased to a dead end, it’s nowhere to be seen. The amount of rubble on the floor wouldn’t have made it easy to remain so light footed and make their way back around. Hmm.

Pantry Ghost

One of the first “ghost” videos I ever saw when YouTube was making its rise to fame in 2005 and 2006. The Pantry Ghost has had its own documentary made about it, as well as a few skeptical visitors turning up to the location and confirming what is shown in the video does astonishingly happen for real.

The Pantry Ghost was discovered when this family’s pantry door would be found open every morning, despite them being positive it was closed. After setting up a camera to find out what was wrong with it, a chilling discovery was made. What looks like hands and a girl’s face can be seen pressed against the pantry door glass, before it disappears and the door swings open, revealing nothing but shelves.

This is either a very good looking hoax with the use of camera trickery, CGI, or even the glass being a screen… or it’s pretty real. It’s hard to tell, but there’s plenty of footage showing the “ghost” in action. You’ll have to judge for yourself.

Horton Mine

While this next video doesn’t have a lot to physically see, it still leaves my hair standing on end. Horton Mine is located in Nevada, and this brave soul decided to venture inside it on his own.

If you’re going to go in such a place alone, then you’ll naturally be freaked. It’s dark and echoey. Your brain will be playing all sorts of mind games with you. However, this shallow cave dwelling is a bit more disturbing than usual, and you can get that sense from the video alone.

As our explorer, Frank, ventures deeper into the mine, one of the dangling chains appears to be swinging a great amount. Qutie odd, considering all the rest are fairly still. Sudden breeze? Most likely, but that surely would have affected the whole lot.

Either way, Frank describes a bad energy and decides it’s time to get out of there. Fair enough. He certainly got further than I could have done. I’d have been in and out within seconds.

A year since this video was filmed, Frank made his way back to Horton Mine for some weird reason. Only accompanied by his absolutely huge balls of steel, he delved deep inside the mine once again. This time though, was even more unsettling. Frank vows he’s never returning again, and I’m not surprised. Whatever that was at the end, it’s chilling.

The loud noise that can be heard sounds like a French woman talking through a walky-talkie or a radio of sort. I don’t speak french, so I’m not sure what they’re saying and multiple people are giving different answers. If you can translate please leave a comment below. Would be interesting to know if it’s connected to a mine still in use.

The Hunchback

Somebody in Saudi Arabia managed to capture one of the most bizarre things you could possibly imagine to see on a dark road. As they were driving along, this very strange hunchbacked person fearlessly got in their way, and even edges towards them. This “hunchback” has been described by some as a Witch.

There’s no real explanation for what or who this person even is, but it’s a bit odd for someone to hang about a dark country lane at night and prey on every passing car, don’t you think? I guess it’s still more likely this was set up or the driver was pranked, but it’s worth a watch anyway. While it’s slightly disturbing, I guess it’s also fairly comical…

Gettysburg Ghost Soliders

Gettysburg Battlefield in the USA saw military engagements at the beginning of July 1863 during the American Civil War. While it’s a famous historical site with regular visitors, it’s also quite famous for its paranormal activity. Many claim to see ghosts of soldiers marching across the woods and fields, and better yet, some manage to capture it on camera.

This particular video was filmed in November 2001, and was then later uploaded to YouTube in 2006 with the owner’s permission. The video shows what seems to be some very convincing looking movement going through the woods on location of the battlefield. There’s nothing so much as scary about this clip, but it’s definitely very interesting.

I can’t really explain what’s going on in the video, but there’s a lot of footage lying around on the internet taken at Gettysburg Battlefield. They say there’s a lot of unsettled souls hanging around there. Makes sense too, since Gettysburg was described as one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.

These clips certainly give you something to think about, whether you’re a believer or not. I find being open minded makes it all much more interesting though.

Do you have any interesting paranormal encounters of your own? If you do, fire a link to the video or picture in the comments with a bit of background, and if we’re really impressed then we may even feature it on this list!