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14 of the most Iconic Men through the ages

We all have our own heroes, whether it’s someone close to us, or a very big name that you can’t help but aspire to. Here at Man Wants, we have quite a large pool of inspirational icons between us.

We decided that we wanted to showcase our selection of icons, but rather than just throwing a list at you, we’ve put something together that’s a little more visual. Introducing our new YouTube channel!

Let’s not delay any further. Below is our first video addition to our channel, showcasing a bunch of brilliant, iconic men from recent history in various sectors of entertainment and politics. We’ve deliberately left out their names too, as we’re interested to see how many of them you can name.

If you prefer, you can visit the video directly here.

How did you do? Did you get them all? Some of them were easy, we know – but we threw in a few that you may not have expected, yet still agree with as an icon.

Spoilers ahead, just in case you were seriously scratching your head. Here are our icons in order of appearance in the video:

1) Morgan Freeman
2) Steve McQueen
3) Clint Eastwood
4) Oliver Reed
5) David Beckham
6) Prince Harry
7) James Earl Jones
8) Barack Obama
9) Elvis Presley
10) John Lennon
11) Kurt Cobain
12) David Bowie
13) Nelson Mandela
14) Winston Churchill

Let us know in the comments how you did. If you enjoyed the video then please feel free to suggestions on what we could cover. We’re all ears!