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Mens’ Summer Wardrobe Essentials

The summer is getting ready to heat up and so are the trends! While summer trends tend to be showier for women, for the men, it’s all about the vibe. You might think you need an entire closet overhaul, but it’s not that serious.

To create the right look, you just need a few essential pieces to add to your summer wardrobe. Look no further because with these styles, we’ve got you covered.


We know the sun in the summertime is blazing, so a hat is the perfect accessory for keeping it out of your face and for adding a bit of style to your look. Hats are always a hot summer item, and we’re talking about all hats. If you’ve been waiting for the right chance to try a look, now is the time. From regular baseball caps to bucket hats, these hats are sure to make you look and feel good.

Short Sleeve Button Up

This summer, we’re ditching the long sleeves. While you’ll see a trend where long sleeves are rolled up the forearm, we’re not going through the hassle. Instead, short sleeve button ups are the new wave. Whether you’re creating a casual look or dressing up for an occasion, these shirts are perfect regardless. You can easily take the look up a notch with some chinos, but it’s almost summertime! Dress it down with a pair of shorts.


If you’ve been skipping leg day, shorts might not be your favorite thing to wear, but the style is still hot for the summer. While wearing mid-thigh shorts calls for a certain type of fashion sense, we’re also leaving below-the-knee shorts in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Shorts that fall on and slightly above the knee are the new wave and Carhartt does them right. It doesn’t matter if your day requires physical activity or relaxing in the sun. From denim to the classic khaki, looking fresh just got easier.

White Sneakers

If you want to stay fresh to death this summer, you need a pair of white sneakers in your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman – this style is hot for everyone! Sneakers are becoming a more common apparel piece, especially when it comes to dressing down a more-than-casual outfit. Whether you’re rocking checks, stripes, or a simple shoe, white sneakers will brighten up the vibe all summer long.


Is there any summer wardrobe piece more essential than sunglasses? There might be hundreds of brands trying to grab your attention, but it’s all about the style. Tons of different styles will come up, but none better than aviators and wayfarers. Two classic looks, your summer wardrobe will go from warm to hot with either of these frames.

When it comes to seasonal fashion, it’s easy to get dull during the colder months. Summer is when fashion really comes alive and if you’re securing these wardrobe essentials, you’ll enjoy a hot season with cool vibes.