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5 Money Saving Men’s Style Hacks For the Modern Man on a Budget

Being the modern man, that everyone wants to be is at times – a little expensive. How are we expected to work hard, play harder and look stylish without enough time or money. Earlier in the year, we talked through some simple modern lifestyle hacks to help you save money, eat clean and manage your workload – and hey! It really worked a treat. So, as we enter a new season, we thought we bring a new edit together which explores some money saving men’s style hacks for the modern man. Simple fashion and style tips, which help you look good, feel confident and save on splurging.

Money Saving Men’s Style Hack #1 – Shop Smart, Shop Basics

It’s so easy to be impulsive when shopping. We’ve all been guilty to buying into one trend or another and looking back at old photos, wondering why on earth you decided to invest in a £60 Salmon Pink Sweater. Save money and shop smart by investing in simple basics. Men’s fashion trends are always evolving with different colour ways, tailoring and prints but one thing never changes – men’s simple basics. Basics are the foundation pieces in a man’s wardrobe which never date. Think a white t-shirt, a navy blazer, a suede boot. A Black cashmere sweater is going to have your back a lot longer than a pair of acid wash jeans, which you splurged on during the eighties revival. When you’re out shopping, try and consider at least three ways to style the men’s clothing item and you’re onto a winner!

Money Saving Men’s Style Hack #2 – Get Thrifty!

Thrift: the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. You may have heard Macklemore rapping about a Thrift Shop. Thrift Shops are essentially glorified second hand-shops and have become the regular style haunts of hipsters alike. But, you don’t have to wear somebody’s dodgy old, Levis to get thrifty. Online auction stores and thrdift shops like Ebay and more, specifically Depop have become a popular and useful, resource for stylish men across the globe. Depop effectively combines the format of Instagram with the functionality of ebay, allowing you to buy unwanted clothing. Most of the clothes on here are new with tags and have been gifted to your favorite bloggers and influencers. You can barter on prices and even swap, if someones bought the wrong size. I’ve bought some rare Clark’s Original Dessert Boots and Fred Perry Jackets for below £20 before. Now that’s a real Money Saving Men’s Style Hack, that becomes quite the habit.

Money Saving Men’s Style Hack #3 – Watch how you Wash ‘Em!

Looking to save money on your clothing? Clothes will last if you look after them and maintaining the quality of your clothes often relies on the way you wash them. Some clothes are machine wash, hand-wash and dry clean only. Check the washing instructions and consider ways to protect the condition of your clothes. Helpful style tip – jeans and denims should always be washed inside out and should not be washed after every wear, as they are built to withstand!

Money Saving Men’s Style Hack #4 – Don’t Make Compromises

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right fit and style of menswear for you, but making compromises is often counter-productive! If you buy a pair of trousers and you’re not sure if they fit right, then they probably don’t. You need to feel confident in your clothes and settling for a menswear piece which doesn’t fit or suit, is not an investment. We both know, you’re not going to get the value out of this piece and you’re going to leave it at the bottom of your wardrobe for an eternity. Putting a little extra time into finding the right trousers, shirt, jacket, sweater for you will be worth it! So, send it back, return it and put that money towards your perfect investment piece in future.

Money Saving Men’s Style Hack #4 – Keep your shoes fresh!

They say that every man is judged on his shoes. Whether you’re working a pair of trainers, a desert boot or a brogue, make sure your shoes are fresh. Polish your shoes with olive oil or coconut oil for a money-saving style hack and wash canvas shoes and trainers in the washing machine by placing them in a pillow case. For a quick update on trainers, swap the laces out for a fresh pair, it makes the world of difference and it will give them a well-needed freshen up without forking out for a new pair.

Money Saving Men’s Style Hack #5 – Stay Inspired

With social media at our finger tips, it’s easier to stay inspired when it comes to men’s style. If you feel you’re in a rut, look to Instagram, facebook or to male bloggers and influencers to get your mojo back. Money Saving Men’s Style Hacks and styling tips are across the web and will help you to re-consider the way you style and outfit. Our favourite money-saving style influencer is David James Seed. David James Seed offers affordable men’s fashion styling tips on his men’s fashion blog and Instagram, utilising everything from high-street sales to supermarkets to put together stylish outfits at a fraction of the price.