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The man who became $870,000 richer, by losing one of his nuts

Yes, you did read that headline correct. A man has been given a hefty pile of cash for losing one of his testicles. It’s not as great as it sounds though, it’s quite ridiculous really.

A jury has awarded $870,000 to patient Steven Haines, after he sued Dr V. Spencer Long. Haines went to visit the surgeon back in 2013 after suffering pain in his right testicle for the last 15 years.

An ultrasound revealed Haines’s right testicle had atrophied after damage from a previous injury. Surgical removal was scheduled as it would help alleviate the pain. No worries, at least Haines would still have his lefty.

Surgery day came, and Dr Long got to work. This is where things get bad. Somehow, Long managed to remove Haines’s left testicle. The completely wrong one.Was he working upside down? How did that even happen?!

Oh, Balls.”

A Huntington County jury has now found Long as “recklessly indifferent” and has awarded Haines $620,000 for pain and suffering, plus $250,000 in punitive damages.

Haines’s attorney has said that they’re still not clear on how such a mistake took place. Long apparently claimed that Haines’s testicles appeared to have “switched sides”, but that makes no anatomical or medical sense, apparently.

So guys, tell me – does this make you shudder? Or do you think it’s quite a generous payout? Would… would you be willing to sacrifice half of your man-hood for the same?

Source: CBS News