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Is there a future for three-way marriage?

Indeed, a three-way marriage can be a real thing! I’d heard of three-way relationships before, but not any kind of marriage surrounding it.

Whether it’s something you agree with or not, it doesn’t matter. If people want to go ahead and it makes them happy then good for them. Do what feels right.

There’s no arguing that it is unusual though. It’s not quite what we as human beings are used to. Monogamy tends to be more our kind of thing – that single perfect partner is all we need.

This isn’t the case for some people though, it seems. For a start, a so called “throuple” currently reside in Columbia. Manuel, Victor and Alejandro are the first legal union between three men in the world.

Three-way marriage

Victor, Manuel and Alejandro “married” each other. (Image: BBC)

It was going to be a group of four at one point, in fact. However, their fourth member of the group very sadly passed away due to cancer.

While the trio don’t have a formal marriage certificate, they are still legally united as a family. The only thing stopping their marriage is the fact that – like a lot of countries – it’s illegal to marry more than one partner.

These three men may have sparked something, and campaigners may fight to make it legal. It may start to become more common than we thought.

They’re not the only ones to give this whole three way a shot either. DeAnna and Manny from Florida are also giving it a shot. The parents of two met their third partner, Melissa and it apparently “felt right”.

Three-way marriage Florida

DeAnna claims her children “love having two mums” (Image: BBC)

I bet Manny is living the dream right now. Two women all to himself? I’m sure a lot of blokes are fairly envious of him.

It’s not been easy for him though, since it appears to upset a lot of people. He’s even had the threat of being sacked because of it. Quite harsh, considering it’s none of his boss’s business.

They three of them all admit that they struggle with jealousy, but are all learning to be open with one another. They have a planned wedding in June 2020.

Do you agree with the idea of polyamorous relationship? Are you in one? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

To me, the concept is weird. I guess I’ll never really be able to understand it though, as I’m happy as I am.

Source: BBC