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Tips to Become a Better Man

Eventually, we all come to a point in life where we enter crisis mode. You feel your life running like sand between your fingers, and the reality of your existence hits you in the face like a heavy bottomed frying pan.

Don’t fret, though! Men often find the key to kicking their crisis is taking a good look at themselves and figuring out what they can do to be better. It’s almost impossible to do this alone, and not everything in this list will be relevant – but it’s a start.

Don’t make excuses

If you’re late, don’t make up some daft excuse about your goldfish dying – just hold your hands up and admit you had a few too many the night before. If you tell the truth, it’ll give you a chance to face up to consequences and to stop deviating not just everyone around you, but yourself.

Look after yourself

Look after yourself

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Wearing the same shirt 4 days in a row isn’t doing yourself or anyone else any favours. The Lynx set your grandma got you for Christmas does not mask the smell, and you know it just as well as the next person. You deserve a bit of TLC, treat yourself.

Love your family

Love your family

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If you love your family, don’t act like a temperamental 13-year-old when they ask to see you just because of the pure ‘inconvenience’ of it all. There’s nothing wrong with going back to your roots, so put on a brave face and go and enjoy your mother’s awful cooking.

Take responsibility

Take responsibility

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It sucks when you’ve failed your own expectations and life isn’t going to way you want it to, but is it anyone else’s fault? Usually, the answer is no. Be responsible for your failings in life, try to stop pitying yourself and get out there and do something to change it.

Have your own mind

Learn to say no. The lads from work want to go to Ibiza and get completely smashed, but you’d prefer to stay at home with your cat and marathon Breaking Bad on your one week off. So just say no. They’ll probably be annoyed at you for it – but who cares? It’s your life.

Deal with your own problems

Deal with your own problems

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If you really have an issue with something, approach it by yourself. You don’t need 5 other people backing you up to solve a disagreement. Keep it between the people it affects instead of dragging half of your Twitter followers into it.

Make more time

Make more time

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Spend time with people you like, doing things that you like doing. With work, sleep and all that good stuff in-between, it’s easy to forget about the important things in your life. So go and get a coffee with an old friend, you won’t be here forever.

Don’t be Mr. Nice Guy

Don't be Mr. Nice guy

There’s been a disturbing phenomenon cropping up recently. It appears that some men genuinely believe they’re doing women a favour by asking them out on dates or making advances on them. If Mr. Nice Guy gets rejected; unable to cope with the knock to his ego, he becomes volatile and drags said lady’s name through the dirt because damnit, he is a nice guy! If you know that you are this guy, please stop.