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9 Inexpensive ways to be MORE Manly

So, you’re a man. That’s great. You’re in good company. But just how manly a man are you?

Everywhere I look I see ‘men’ who are letting the side down. We’re men, not models. Real men have style while maintaining an element of weather-hardened ruggedness. If Clint is 100% the man we aspire toward, have a good long look at yourself and see if you measure up. So if you’re worried you might be falling short of true manliness, read on.

Wear denims properly

Wear denims properly

Image: Pinterest

Ok so right off the bat we have a real bugbear of mine. If you’re going to wear jeans please, for the love of humanity, wear jeans that fit.

Fashions come and fashions go but there’s still one style that prevails as the ultimate manly way to wear a good pair of jeans – a straight or bootcut leg.

Skinny jeans – NO!

Skinny jeans with the backside around your knees. Dear god, no. No, if you’re serious about looking good in jeans I encourage, nay implore you, to wear jeans that actually fit around your backside and fall to the right length over your boots or shoes.

Which leads me nicely into…

Boots and manly shoes

Boots and shoes

Image: Pinterest

Yes, you read that right. Boots and shoes all the way. Trainers are great if you’re training but unless you’re looking after them, they look dreadful with your otherwise smart appearance.

Deck shoes, espadrilles and Crocs should all be burned or given to charity. Sorry but real men, manly men, they all wear good shoes or sturdy boots.

Boots under a proper cut denim will always look smart. The more aged the jeans the better. Just avoid countless holes. Aim for the rugged look but with smart attire.

Seriously. If you’re thinking you look like Don Johnson in Miami Vice with those tatty espadrilles, let me tell you you probably don’t.

Listen more, talk less

Listen more, talk less

Image: Pinterest

Brood! There’s an art to it. Look and listen with interest as the conversation unfolds but keep your thoughts inside. You may feel aloof or even arrogant, and in measured doses that’s no bad thing. Just don’t be rude.

If pressed for your opinion, consider it. Be smart, be polite and be concise. You see, this is all about standing firm and being open whilst maintaining a certain enigmatic quality.

If you blurt out your opinion with passion it can make you look juvenile. Not that passion and opinion are a bad thing, but if you deliver it as if you’re 16 years old and six pints worse off, you’re going to loose any manly credibility you’ve earned to that point.

Stretch your legs

Stretch your legs

Image: Pinterest

Alec Guinness once stated that if you capture a man’s walk you capture the character. Think about that for a moment. It’s spot on. Some people walk cool. Watch Clint in any of his films. Watch Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront.

Hell, you can even watch Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. These guys walk cool and walk with confidence. Shoulders back, chest out.

Granted changing the way you walk is a pretty big ask and, for some, not possible . But if you can I’d strongly suggest standing taller and pulling your shoulders back. Lift your chin and feel the confidence.

Finally, think about your gait. Lengthen your stride. Not too much, you don’t want to look like you just stepped away from the Ministry of Silly Walks. Try it.

Smoke or smoke not, there is no vape

Smoke or smoke not, there is no vape

Image: Pinterest

First things first we don’t for one moment advocate or endorse smoking. It’s a killer for sure and a pretty horrible one at that.
Nobody here in the towers smokes and that’s the way it’s been since day one.

So what’s the alternative? e-cigarettes? Monstrous sonic screwdriver-esque vaping machines? No, these are not an option for the socially active man’s man.

Sure, puff away on your contraption in your private time if you must, but socially it looks wrong. Controversial, I know, but trust me you’ll look far more Gregory Peck empty handed or with a proper smoke in your hands.

Wear your watch loose, like a bracelet

Wear your watch loose, like a bracelet

Image: Pinterest

We all love our watches. It’s a man thing. The bigger the better, as well. Take a look at your watch right now. Is it a chunk? Nobody really cares if it’s Tag Heuer, Rolex, Breitling or Fossil. Just make sure it looks right and you could, if required, knock somebody out with it.

If your watch looks dwarfed by your wrist that’s not good. If it fits snug, that’s also not good. Our tip would be to pick a watch with a chunky metal linked strap that’s loose enough to hang off your wrist. Leather straps just don’t cut it.

Shave if your beard isn’t a beard

Shave if your beard isn't a beard

Image: Pinterest

A beard maketh the man, right? Indeed. If it’s a beard in the first place. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Does it look as though you glued it on? Does it cover enough of your face? Do you look like Viking’s Rollo or an older Jim Morrison ? Or do you have that rather paltry, baby-faced look of Samwell Tarly?

Beards look great. We like beards. It’s every bit a man’s thing and a good looking beard can really elevate you to manly Jedi. But beware, the current fashion for beards is blinding many into a perception of manliness that falls dismally short.


Manly Smile

Image: Pinterest

Simple, this one. Smile and enjoy the smile. Despite my earlier advice to tread the fine line of arrogance in conversation, we heartily recommend that you offer a smile.

Smiles work on so many levels. A well-timed smile set with just the right amount of smirk factor can disarm any situation.

Ladies love a smart man, of course they do. Ladies love intelligence and strength of character in a man. But a lady (anyone, in fact) will also warm to humility and a smile.

Wearing your poker face 24-7 will label you a misery guts. Wear that smile and wear it well. Above all, be fun, have fun and look like you’re fun.