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A ‘Man Wants’ Guide: How to be a Modern Man

When we decided to launch Man Wants, we had clear expectations of the content we wanted to deliver, the issues we wanted to write about and the man we want to reach out too. Every writer in this team has passion and enthusiasm for their area of expertise, as well as a good understanding of what it is to be a ‘Man’ (including you at times, Alison).

The media has a great way of portraying men in the movies, on the radio and across the internet. Gone are the days of the ‘hunter/gatherer male’ and although, we all push for a future which boasts equality, living up to the contemporary mould of a ‘gentleman’ has never been so tricky.

We asked, the fountain of all knowledge ‘What is a modern man?’ and Google informed us that a modern man is: a person of modern times or views. We’re still not any wiser. What does a modern man wear? What does a modern man believe? How does a modern man find love?

The construction of a modern man is still a little mystery but with a little chat to some of the most influential and progressive blokes I know and the most beautiful and intelligent women, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing….based on some frequently asked questions, I’ve formulated a little guide on ‘How to be a modern man’ which might enlighten or frighten you into breaking old traditions and adopting a new, masculine persona.

What should a modern man wear?

So when it comes to men’s fashion, there is no answer to the question ‘What does a real man wear?’ but we can tell you this, a modern man rocks his own unique style choices with confidence and an understanding of what works for him. It’s not the 90’s anymore and the modern man will not fall victim to style experiments forced on him by his wife, girlfriend, mother…or even worse, mother-in-law. If you want to dress like a modern man, stick to shopping for yourself, invest in some tailoring and do some research into your size and body shape to make sure the clothes don’t wear you.

Do: Spend time on finding your own style & invest in men’s clothing that works for you.

Don’t: Buy into every men’s fashion fad.

What should a man eat in a day?

This is a very popular question, which Glynn (our foodie) and Tom (our fitness guy) regularly argue about. It’s suggested that the average man should be eating around 2,000 – 2,8000 calories each day, as part of a balanced diet. You can learn more about achieving a balanced diet in our article here.

However, the modern man has become more health conscious than ever before. In the 1950’s nutritionists pushed a diet that was based around animal fats and rich dairy – today, we aim to keep our proteins high and our saturated fats low to build on muscle and keep fit. There is no straight-forward answer to this question but we say the modern man always eats healthy to stay happy!

Do: Eat fresh to reward your body with healthy vitamins & minerals

Don’t: Binge on sugary foods. They can lead to long-term health complications & a short-term energy crash

What does a real man drive?

It’s an age-old question. Men have been typically defined by the job they do, the women they love and the car they drive. In recent times, this whole ideal has gotten a little stale. However, the type of car that a cool guy drives has shifted and it isn’t necessarily a classic muscle car that gets the pulse racing anymore (Our auto-enthusiast Carl, can vouch for that).

Recently, the auto-mobile industry has seen a rise in men looking to invest in a stable, reliable car with the capacity for more passengers than just a ‘Friday night date’. This year, the best-selling car in the UK was the Ford Fiesta followed closely by the Ford Focus. However, 2017 has also seen a break-through in the rise of the Electric Cars – a battery propelled motor which is economic and more environmentally friendly. Whatever car you choose to drive, the modern man now considers practicality, efficiency and economy over fast-acceleration, sports seats and wheel trims.

Do: Shop around for a reliable car that’s comfortable with good fuel economy

Don’t: Get stuck in a finance-rut for a pimped out ride

How does the modern man date?

We’re living in a modern World, where an online social community, heavily out-weighs the humble company at the local pub. Online dating is prevalent in a very big way with potential life-partners available with just the click of an app. Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid are popular amongst singletons in their twenties and thirties but there’s one real down-side to dating online – everyone is judged on a short bio & a carefully chosen photo.

Although statistically, you’re more likely to bag a date on a dating app, in reality the longevity of a tinder relationship won’t live up to a ‘real life’ romance. When asked what women commonly looked for in a man; passion, adventure, honesty, confidence and humour topped the list. The modern man is active and social and, with a thirst for adventure, comes more opportunity for love. Get out more, speak to people, be yourself and laugh and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect partner without some digital algorithm stitching you up.

Do: Be honest when dating, you’re only going to trip yourself up at some point

Don’t: Continue to date people you have no ‘spark’ with, you’re only going to hurt them in the long-run

Am I a modern dad?

Whether you’re completely new to fatherhood or a seasoned dad with heaps of experience, you’ll always question your decisions when it comes to your kids. As a parent, there’s not always an easy answer when it comes to balancing your work-life with your home-life. In 2017, the modern dad is more undefinable than ever before. If you know your children’s favourite story word-for-word, have dressed up as an action hero or alter-ego and compromised on sleep, then you’re a modern dad.

In recent times, parental responsibilities are becoming increasingly more equal with ‘The stay at home Dad’ becoming a conventional, archetype in many British and American homes. To be a good modern man, we suggest you don’t overthink it and just make sure your kids are happy & healthy.

Do: Have some down-time when the kids do, to restore your energy & feel refreshed

Don’t: Worry about every little thing your child does. Remember – Kids are just little humans they get sad, angry and tired like the rest of us.

How should a modern man act?

This is a pretty vague question, that we’re not sure how to answer without parodying vintage ‘How to’ guides on ettiquette for gentleman. Saying that, we do have some insight on how the man has evolved from Caveman to Brave Man with some tips on how to present yourself as a modern gent. In contemporary times, the modern man is motivated, active andcontinues to challenge inequality and persist with good, strong values.

If you believe in good morales and treat others as you wish to be treated – your kindness and charisma will always be remembered. Never forget – good manners, get you far.

Do: Challenge inequality & cruelty

Don’t: Stop being yourself

Although our guide on ‘How to be a Modern Man’ aims to answer some of the commonly asked questions, which surface on the web – it’s important to remember that, there is no perfect representation of ‘a modern man’ but more, a set of values and a lifestyle which encompasses the popular habits and trends of the 21st century.

If you have any questions which you’d like us to answer or any feedback on our post, please feel free to comment below and one of our expert ‘Man Wants’ writers will get back to you with a potential solution.