Snake Venom – The world’s strongest beer at 67.5%

Strong ales always hit the spot, but Snake Venom takes things to the next level. Or should I say the next 6 levels. At a whopping 67.5%, this is sure to numb your taste-buds at an instant.

Scottish based brewery, Brewmeister, has given us the official world’s strongest beer with Snake Venom. The brew is made with smoked malt peat, champagne yeast and ale yeast, but it’s debatable whether it can be considered a beer. You could argue that it’s simply a hard alcohol due to how it receives its extreme alcoholic volume. “Snake Venom” really is a suiting name, since it could quite easily poison you for real.

It even has its own miniature glass to stop you overdosing. (Image: Brewmeister)

Expensive taste

Getting hold of this beverage is no cheap matter. A single 330 ml bottle costs around £55 in the UK, and you can only get the one bottle per order. If you have expensive taste, then I guess it’s not a problem, but to normal people that’s steep. There’s not a lot in a 330 ml bottle, but you’d be mad to try and tackle the whole thing to yourself in one sitting. Only a lead-encased liver could guzzle that down like it was a girly lager, without dying.

If you feel that it’s worth it, your bottle of Snake Venom comes with a letter of explanation, and caution. They encourage responsible drinking, and with its extreme potency there’s no surprises there. Don’t put it in a pint glass and expect to handle it. A circle of friends with a small glass each is all you will need here, and for the love of God don’t put ice in it. It’s beer. Not lemonade.

Source: Cool Material


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