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10 Best Man Caves You Will Really Want

Up until recent times the prominent past-time of kicking back in your ‘man cave’ was rarely spoken off as much as it was dreamt of. Today, there is nothing the average man fantasizes of more, than having their own unique man cave  – they are the very essence of manhood, the sweet whisper of success in your ear that says, “you’ve made it, pal.”

Over the years, the conventional man cave has become trivialized as a sweaty room with a mini-fridge and an eclectic mix of second hand deck chairs. In the eyes of women, these masculine spaces may as well be real caves – dark, stagnant, and with cavernous reaches that they’ll never attempt to traverse.

For the sake of men everywhere, it’s time to overthrow the stigma of our most coveted spaces.  At Man Wants, we’ve sourced some quality examples of man caves and man spaces to appease every kind of gent. These impressive man caves from around the World, boast some exciting interior design ideas, innovative use of classic furnishings and ultra-masculine décor to help you on your pursuit to designing your very own man cave.


Man caves: Legendary

(Image: First)

This clean-cut space with a sophisticated sports-bar ambience is perfect for showing off your shoddy snooker skills over a G&T. The bachelor pad vibe is almost overwhelming with a private bar and full sized-snooker table, it’s the perfect place to nurture your inner Barney Stinson or Steve Davis. If you’re a sharp gent that likes to bring the gaming home, this contemporary take on the sports-bar themed man cave is right on ‘cue’.

You’re not a real fan

Man caves: You're not a real fan

(Image: Pinterest)

Still sentimentally attached to arcade machines? Do you frequently have arguments over whether Star Wars or Star Trek is the best sci-fi franchise? Look no further. It’s like someone’s stepped into my 8-year-old dreams and turned them into some strange retro, sci-fi reality, and I honestly couldn’t be more jealous. This futuristic take on the traditional man cave is completed by a collection of retro arcade games and entertainment machines. For the humble ‘Trekkie’ or Sci-Fi fanatic this uber cool man cave seems way more chill than the Millennium Falcon.

Keep it classy

Man caves: Keep it classy

(Image: Man Cave Day)

Of course, a cave of this calibre had to be mentioned. A Batman man cave (try saying that 10 times fast) like this is the pinnacle of class, culture, and only has a slight hint of internal crippling nerd-ism. With stone walls and a painted Batman wall mural this is every DC comic fan’s, fantasy. We suggest you take your Batmobile for a ride out to the nearest DIY store and update your man cave with a Batman edge…and a gothic Chandelier.

Night Fever

Summoned home from the club before you feel that you’ve spent enough time there to validate handing over £10 to get in? Have no fear- club cave is here. A nightclub themed man cave which takes a step back from the traditional rustic man cave and updates this man space with a bar, casino table and a disco ball. This man cave guarantees a night of no sleep and light induced headaches but it’s quirky interior and kitsch decor is a sure winner for the man who just loves to party!

A hint of rust

Man caves: A hint of rust

(Image: IRA News)

Sometimes, going rustic is the way forward. If you’re the type of guy who always ends up coming home with a stolen street sign after a night out- consider using it as vintage style décor rather than hiding it to avoid getting told off by the wife. This masculine take on ‘shabby chic’ combines heavy textiles with rough textures for a super cool take on the man cave. Consider how you can up-cycle old furniture and materials when designing your own man cave for bespoke interior, that’s tailored to you!

Brown is the new black

Man caves: Brown is the new black

(Image: Pinbrowse)

Exposed walls and bare brick-work seem to be becoming an interior design theme for the more modest man cave – but it’s really no surprise considering the calming effect it can often have on a room. This mature man cave delivers a sophisticated balance of masculinity and relaxation with a subtle clash between Iron and Oak. If you’re an ‘outdoors kind of guy’ who likes a calm environment to unwind or get to grips with the more important things in life – like watching TV, this is man cave is definitely worth taking design inspiration from.

The minimalist

Man caves: The minimalist

(Image: IRA Star)

Minimalism, the act of only owning what you need to survive. You know which friends to keep close- so buying a large sofa for the spare room to accommodate more people than necessary isn’t an option that you’re willing to consider. When we consider the conventional Man Cave, we often picture a messy room filled with hyper-masculine rubbish and dingy décor. This modern man cave draws on the theme of ‘minimalism’ to create a perfect place for the avid gamer. For the gamer that only shares his precious spare time with his nearest and dearest, this gaming themed man cave with its two gaming thrones is just perfect.

Knights of the round table

Man caves: Knights of the round table

(Image: Artflyz)

A medieval man cave with a rich décor and serious atmosphere. They do say it’s important to keep your alcohol and barware close when holding an important gathering in your cave, I can’t imagine anyone having the guts to intrude here after 8pm. For a fan of interior décor which infuses dark wood, leathers and a lingering aroma of Cabernet Sauvignon – take your interior design ideas from this stirling example of a refined man cave for the more sophisticated gent.


Man caves: Technophile

(Image: Meme Center)

I’m all for expressing your interests through home décor… but when your main interest is circuit boards, maybe you should step back and think about what you are doing before you glue enough of them to your wall to control a space station. I mean, kudos for the innovative interior design approach but if anyone can take any man cave interior design tips away from this – it’s that your interest may have crossed the line into worrying obsession?

Cave man cave

Cave man cave

(Image: Maxim)

A cave themed man cave. Well, someone had to do it. I have no words.

Source: Pinterest

Quick Updates for a Mean Man Cave

Whilst researching, cool interior design updates to achieve a cool Man cave – we came across Reclaimed Britain. Reclaimed Britain is an independent business that upcycles a range of materials, for some bad ass furniture with a seriously masculine edge. Their best-sellers include these cool Rustic Towel Rack, Rustic Spice Rack and our personal favourite – the Rustic Key and Coat Rack. Steve, who decided to launch Reclaimed Britain decided to create his own Man Cave – which eventually turned into a striking Star wars inspired bar with a bar sign and led lights, log fire projector and a surround sound system. It was at this point, when others took a huge interest in the unique upcycled furnishings that couldn’t be found on the high street – that he realised he could make a living. Take a look at Reclaimed Britain for some unique pieces to complete any Man Cave. 

Steve of Reclaimed Britian, Star Wars themed Man Cave.