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Masculine Interior Design Updates

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, man needs a sanctuary more than ever. We’ve previously discussed our big ambitions with regards to achieving that fantasy-fuelled man cave, but if you’re the kind of guy who’s more concerned with creating a place of peace and practicality over a sub-urban interpretation of a Bat Cave then keep reading. If you live in a flat, mansion or tree-house – putting your personal stamp on your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

The interior design industry is big business that’s expected to rise by 20% over the next decade but is it really an essential to hire someone else to plan-out your home? Interior design has become as fast as fashion and 2017 has charted some huge trends when it comes to designing your living space. We’ve seen a movement in monochrome interior design, vintage and retro inspired furnishings and colour-blocking, with design updates becoming more creative than ever.

As we head into nesting season, we wanted to explore some of the best ways to update your home with masculine interior design updates that won’t break the bank. Think of this as a low-key home make-over that doesn’t require hours of intensive labour and a re-mortgage. So take a look at the Man Wants Interior Design Update advice below and see how you can shape your own unique sophisticated, living space.

Express your interests

The first step to putting your personal stamp on your home or workspace is showing off the things you love. Expressing your personality comes naturally and for every kind of interest, there’s a way to manifest it in your home. At Man Wants, we’re all huge film buffs and film posters and film memorabilia is a clever way to inject a bit of colour and pay tribute to your favourite works.

On the hunt for some stylish Film and TV inspired art, we discovered Ciaran Monaghan Art. Ciaran designs and sells unique pop culture inspired art prints, printed on heavy weight paper for a high-quality aesthetic. Ciaran Monaghan Art’s prints pay tribute to some TV and Film classics and can be purchased in bespoke sets – ideal for feature walls and galleries. Take-a-look at the Ciaran Monaghan Art 80’s TV Collection, The Horror Collection and Star Wars Movie Poster Set to get people talking.

Buy Bespoke

We mentioned that Interior Design trends can be as fast as fashion now and you can pick up some trend-driven interior design pieces in just about every high-street store. Huge furniture stores can offer some low-cost budget buys that you’re likely to find in every other home, office and kitchen.

We advise to invest in some classic pieces that boast quality over cost efficiency. Use bespoke pieces and unique furnishings to keep your pad looking effortlessly cool and sophisticated. For furniture inspiration and unique, quality pieces we love independent bespoke furniture brand ‘Reclaimed Britain’. Reclaimed Britain are makers of reclaimed furniture that pride themselves on making quality bespoke furniture to suit all homes.

The interesting thing about Reclaimed Britain is that they recycle quality materials and transform used items into striking furniture with serious edge. Browse at their handmade rustic shelves, shoe racks, mirrors and our personal favourite…. the handmade Ninja Star Coat Rack – now that’s not something you’ll find in Ikea.

Just Add Art

Even the most unenthused of art fans should consider putting a little art in their home. Classic prints and art pieces can help fill empty spaces and tie together your interior design theme. If you’re like Carl and are adamant that your home is no place for art, browse the web for some free stock images and use Pinterest to download free wall prints that take a nod at the rest of your décor – you’ll be impressed with some of the free home upgrades you can find online.

Have fun with it!  

We discovered Lasaris a while back and were fascinated by their universally, loved interior design pieces – designed to freshen up your home with a little fun. Lasaris produce one of a kind products which are unique and aspirational using laser machines to laser engrave and cut their unique products. Lasaris told us “Our products are a labour of love which are intended to spark conversation” – which is certainly true. I mean, just take-a-look at their fantastic Bottle Cap Collector wall hangings! Perfect for any beer lover, pub shed or drinking space – this wall hanging can hold up to 140 of your favourite beer caps. An interior design idea that makes drinking beer an art form, can’t moan at that.

Light it up!

Lighting makes a huge difference to the feel and ambience of a living space. Industrial themed lighting has been a huge trend over the last couple of years with inventive, upcycled alternatives to some traditional lighting fittings. Consider how you can use more subtle lighting sources to illuminate a room and prep for the perfect zen.

Frame It

Framing is not just for photos. Gallery walls and framing is a big deal now and too much is never enough. Cool couple Aaron and Rachel over at the fantastic Blisscraft & Brazen, create chic interior updates fuelled by a passion to create objects that are useful, beautiful and ethically made.

As huge vinyl enthusiasts, we were overjoyed to find that someone had finally created a selection of quality vinyl frames. Made entirely from recycled wood, from old shipping crates that were destined for landfill, these frames hold your vinyls and display them as art. Plus – they even manufacture handmade frames for comic books too! Aaron and Rachel told us that the frames are left raw, “so you can finish them how you like – stain them to match your furniture, paint them the same colour as your wall – or leave them in their natural glory!”

There we have it, six simple steps to updating your home without all the graft. Take a look at some of these incredible independent businesses and see if you can transform your living space with some masculine interior design updates.