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9 things in Star Wars that make little to no sense

Star Wars is, without a doubt, one of my favourite franchises – ever. Regardless, I will admit that it does have its problems.

I don’t just mean the prequels either. Cut them some slack, they’re not THAT bad, even if they don’t come close to the original trilogy.

Although, nobody’s perfect. Here are a few things about Star Wars that I’ve noticed don’t quite add up. If you can explain them, feel free to do so.

Leia “Remembers” Her Mother

Luke and Leia Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

In Return of the Jedi, around the same time that Luke lets out he and Leia are twins, Leia says something rather peculiar.

She claims to remember her mother as “sad”, yet we now know from the prequels that Padmé died seconds after child birth. I don’t think Leia’s memory would be THAT good.

Obi-Wan and R2-D2

Obi-Wan and R2D2 Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Are these the droids you’re looking for? When Obi-Wan reveals himself to Luke , he shortly afterwards comes into contact with R2-D2, who shows him Leia’s message.

Strangely enough, R2-D2 doesn’t appear to recognize Obi-Wan, despite them knowing each other fairly well beforehand. How rude!

Owen and C-3PO

c-3po Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

In episode 2, we can clearly see that C-3PO served Luke’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru on Tatooine while Anakin was training to be a Jedi for the last decade.

C-3PO has his memory wiped at the end of episode 3, so he wouldn’t recognize them. However, the only change made to 3PO between then  was his golden paint job. Other than that, he’s fairly unique. How did Owen and Beru not recognize him?


Skywalker Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

After Anakin’s transition to becoming Darth Vader, his children were put into hiding, with the intention of him believing they were never born.

Leia Organa seemed to be taken care of much better than Luke though. Running around still using the surname “Skywalker” is one hell of a giveaway of your identity. How many other Skywalkers did we see?

Ewok Dress Sense

Leia Ewok Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Back to Return of the Jedi, Leia makes friends with a load of over-sized teddy bears called Ewoks. They even give her a snazzy new dress to change into.

Good job they just happened to have one lying around that also happened to be her size, right? Who’d have thought!

Rey and Chewie

Rey and Chewie Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Even the more recent movies can’t escape some of the head-scratchers. Our new heroine, Rey, takes over command of the Millennium Falcon after Han Solo’s tragic death by the hand of his son, Kylo Ren.

However, Rey has lived on the desert planet of Jakku nearly all her life until now. She seems to fluently understand what Chewie is saying, despite never meeting a Wookiee before. Surely, that takes some learning first?

Yoda the Coward

Yoda Palpatine Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Obviously this couldn’t be avoided for plot reasons, but it’s still slightly laughable.

In episode 3, after Yoda faces Palpatine in an epic lightsaber dual, he crawls away after being thrown to the ground and losing his lightsaber. He effectively allowed the Empire to exist that day by escaping at the first chance he got.

Surely, you’d do everything you could to stop such a Tyrant? Even if it meant sacrificing yourself? I guess Yoda wasn’t as brave as we thought.

Palpatine’s Magic Twirl

Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

I’ve heard all sorts of silly reasons behind this, but I’m just not having it. It appears to be the result of poor screen writing, and it makes no realistic sense, in a Star Wars realistic kind of way.

Anybody that knows the expanded universe knows that Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tinn and Agen Kolar – 4 of the highest ranking Jedi Masters – are no easy match for anybody, especially all at once.

However, Palpatine seems to cut through all 4 of them like butter after pulling off a majestic mid-air twirl. What the hell is all that about?


Star Wars

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Just everything about them. Stormtroopers are essentially a waste of time. Their armour is completely useless against blasts, and helmet visibility is poor.

Luke even says it himself when disguised as one: “I can barely see in this thing”. Who’s idea was it to keep this kind of design? Maybe if they fixed it then they’d actually hit something for once!

There’s some points for you to think about. Apologise if I’ve ruined the entire Saga for you, but somebody had to say something!

Regardless of these minor points, I’m not going to let it ruin such a fantastic franchise. The 8th addition to the Saga, The Last Jedi, is released this December. I can’t wait.

If there’s anything else you want to point out, let us know in the comments!