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Dye Hard – The Unconventional Men’s Hair Trend

In terms of men’s fashion trends, men’s cosmetics and men’s style – 2017 has seen a breakthrough, with male bloggers and style influencers challenging the norms and embracing some style innovations, more commonly adopted by their female counterparts.

We’ve already discussed men’s make-up manufacturers and cosmetic brands stepping into mainstream retail outlets and explored the developing market for men’s skincare – but at Man Wants, we’re always quick to question, What’s next? Will it stick?

Back in 2016, our Instagram feeds were awash with male style icons embracing the platinum blonde hair trend. The famous faces of Zayn Malik, Luke Evans, Ryan Gosling and even Lionel Messi, showed us how a bleached blonde barnett can and will deliver a little edge to the every man.

But once summer struck and London, New York and Paris presented their annual fashion weeks, we saw a shift in street style and witnessed some of pop culture’s most notable men embracing a hair trend like never before with the unconventional dye job. We’re talking about the bright, bold and brazen hair colours adopted by the braver men in the fashion pack. Now heading into winter, this dynamite hair trend sees no sign of stopping and we’re wondering if, just maybe the hardcore hair dye game is here to stay.

We wanted to find out more and spoke with hair colour heroes, Manic Panic UK. Manic Panic UK are proud to say that they have been at the forefront of counter-culture hair colour cosmetics and fashion since 1977. Since their launch, 40 years ago their hair colour and hair dye has remained vegan and PPD, to ensure that their superior hair colours are both striking, safe and completely cruelty free.

Manic Panic UK have worked with some of the media’s most notable hair heroes and even have a host of loyal celebrity fans, plus with a recent sponsorship with some of the UK’s most recognised hair stylists including Hair Artist and social media Influencer, Steven Austin and crowned British Barber of the Year, Jarred Liddington – we knew that these were the guys with a real understanding of this exciting, men’s hair trend.

Photo: Manic Panic UK

Photo: Manic Panic UK

We asked Hair Artist and Manic Panic brand ambassador, Steven Austin why he thinks this men’s hair colour trend has taken off, he explained:

‘With vivid colour becoming more and more popular for women and becoming more wearable and what with idyllic stars such as Zayne Malik experimenting with colour it was only natural that men were going to follow suit.

Gender fluidity is also allowing men to break the boundaries of what society deems as masculine giving them more confidence to experiment not only with fashion but with hair colour. Just a walk down your own high street will show you just how diverse men’s colour is getting. With it not just being associated with the alternative communities.

Whether it’s something soft and pastel or bright and bold, men’s colour is here to stay!’

So, what are the options when it comes to experimenting with unconventional hair colours?

Perfect the Pastel

Pastel hair is a stylish step forward from the platinum bleach trend of previous years. When Zayn Malik and Joe Jonas tinted their hair with pastel pink and peach earlier this year, many a man copied. Pastel hair is a brilliant introduction if you want to play around with hair colour. Manic Panic have created five perfect pastel shades of hair dye as part of their range ‘The Creamtones Collection’.

These range from the soft hues of their ‘Fleurs du Mal’ for a pop of (super masculine, don’t mess with me…) pink to the striking, Sea Nymph. Pastel hair colours tend to work with every skin tone, so maybe the pastel hair trend for men will be your first step in breaking out of that comfort zone…

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

High Voltage Hair & Amplified Colour

When festival season kicked off earlier this year, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes took to the stages of Download, Glastonbury and Pandaemonium with a new and improved Frank Carter. Frank, who’s signature red hair had been a recognised trait since he first hit big with his original band Gallows, was now dyed a shocking shade of pink. Fast-forward a few months and Frank switches up the pink for an electric shade of daring green.

Frank Carter

Photo: Zoran, Sonic View

It was right at this moment, that Frank Carter, an icon in the alternative and punk scene, showed fans that dye jobs were certainly not for just a certain type of bloke. This dye job had real edge and reinforced Frank Carter’s already praised, statement style.

To achieve this look, Manic Panic UK offer a full spectrum of unconventional hair colours and shades with their High Voltage Classic Formula Colour (colour for 4 to 6 weeks) and the longer lasting Amplified Formula (6 to 8 weeks). Channel Mr. Carter with ‘Hot Hot Pink’ or opt for something equally as cool with unique hair shades like ‘Rockabilly Blue’, ‘Violet Night’ or ‘Electric Lizard’ – all tested on celebrities, not animals.

Colour without Commitment

For fashion-forward gents who want to try out the new men’s hair trend or switch up their style without any commitment – Manic Panic told us about their Dye Hard Gels. Dye Hard Hair Gel hair colour, available in a full spectrum of vivid hues is an easy and popular alternative. Pop this hair colour gel in, wait for it to dry and wash it out once you’re done.

UV Hair Colour

When we spoke with Manic Panic about the new men’s hair colour trend, they told us that their UV Hair Colour range has gained recent popularity. The UV hair colour features the same range of colours as in the other hair dye ranges but with the additional benefit of being UV reactive – now who isn’t interested in that?

Photo: Manic Panic UK

Photo: Manic Panic UK

After having a chat with Steven Austin Hair Stylist and the team at Manic Panic UK, I think it’s true to say that some of the guys over at Man Wants could be made a convert to this major, men’s hair trend that shows no sign of stopping.

If you’re feeling fashion forward or just fancy some new form of expression, have a think about the hair trends for men and maybe consider taking a side step from your natural hue for a little something new…