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The best Men’s Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are high in fashion right now. For some of us, they may bring back memories of P.E. lessons, whether that’s a good thing or not is down to you. Those days are long gone now – the polo shirt is the perfect halfway point between a collared shirt and t-shirt.

It’s only in recent times that we’ve seen the true return of the polo shirt. Originally, they’ve been more of a functional attire, particularly for the likes of Tennis. No worries if you’re not the sporty type, it’s not a requirement. There is a massively diverse selection of styles to choose from, thanks to a huge selection of designers.

There’s a polo shirt for everyone. Seriously, they look great and you get an amazing product for your money’s worth when it comes to quality. Here’s some of our favourite designers and what they have to offer, giving you that head start in the hunt for your perfect polo.

Ralph Lauren

Sustainable fashion is at the forefront of a lot of designer’s minds. Especially Ralph Lauren, who have introduced their “Earth Polo”. This new line of polos has been crafted from 12 plastic bottles, and there’s 4 to choose from. A brilliant alternative to this waste plastic ending up in a landfill.

If you’re after a brilliant quality polo and you’re also very conscious of the damage plastic does to our oceans, this could be a great choice for you to add to your collection. The Earth polo comes in green, white, navy and light blue.

Not feeling any of these? No worries, Ralph Lauren still has a vast selection for you to choose from.

Ralph Laruen - Earth Polo

Image: Ralph Lauren

Paul Smith

“Subtle details and a range of bold colours in short and long-sleeved styles” is what Paul Smith do best, as they have beautifully worded it. Most of Paul Smith’s polos feature their zebra logo with an updated multi-coloured stripe, but if you’re not really a zebra sort of guy, you can always go for the “Dino” option.

I personally feel Paul Smith does amazing products for what you pay, with a massive range of polos to choose from. You’ll find it difficult to come away empty handed. Interestingly, you’d be helping out an independent company, as Paul Smith himself still owns the majority of his company!

Paul Smith - Navy Long Sleeve

Image: Paul Smith

Ben Sherman

The polo shirt is an essential element to a Ben Sherman wardrobe, or so they have said. Ben Sherman’s classic romford polos feature an iconic mod tipped collar as well as its own iconic branding. These polos come in a wide range of plain, tipped and patterned colours and designs.

The classic look is always an option, but if you’re looking for something a little different you can choose from the likes of a checkered knitted look, a birdseye jacquard knit, or even a beach pattern. If you’re not keen on buttons either, why not try a zip up neck?

Ben Sherman - Nav & White Checkered Knitted Polo

Image: Ben Sherman

Fred Perry

The original twin tipped Fred Perry shirt is an instantly recognisable classic. In their own words, these shirts are a “piece of British subcultural uniform” and have been made in England for 60 years.

With the size of their selection in terms of colour, you can’t go wrong. When you know what colour shirt you want, you can go as far as choosing a different trimming colour for that extra bit of fashionable precision. There’s over 100 styles to choose from in this huge range, so there’s no doubt there will be at least one design you love.

Fred Perry

Image: Fred Perry


Recognised by its iconic crocodile emblem, Lacoste does a great selection of polos with the right fit for you. Choose between slim fit, classic fit and regular fit, whichever works best for you. You can also take your pick of short-sleeved and long-sleeved, or for those after some discrete french elegance, the Paris polo.

Lacoste - Paris Polo

Image: Lacoste

Do you have any personal preferences for Polo shirts? Let us know your favourites in the comments below.