Strangley enough, Flying is cheaper than the Train – Man Wants


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Strangley enough, Flying is cheaper than the Train

If you ever need to get a train in Britain, you have to be prepared to pay a fortune. Especially if its a fairly reasonable distance. 

You would expect that though, if it’s a long journey. For example, Manchester to London is quite a long distance but a train could get you there in a few hours if you’re willing to pay £80.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not seeing where all these price increases on train services are going. They have gone up massively in recent years, yet the actual trains are still falling apart or overcrowded.

It’s not much surprise that people are always trying to dodge these horrible fares, uncomfortable seats and terrible timings. I’ve started to use the coach for longer journeys myself.

Northern Rail

(Image: Mirror)

One man seems to have discovered a much more pleasant way of getting from one place to another though. 21-year-old Joe Furness discovered that it’s cheaper to get from Newcastle to London via Spain.

That’s right. He saved money by physically leaving the country, and re-entering again 12 hours later. Now THAT is the way to get about!

It’s not the first time he’s done this kind of thing either. Joe has previously flown from Newcastle to Manchester via Switzerland, as it saved him £20. Brilliant.


(Image: Instagram)

The Journey

A train would have cost him £78.50, even with his railcard. He breaks down the cost of what his alternative method cost him in total:

“Newcastle – Menorca 🇪🇸£15.99

Menorca – London 🇬🇧£10.99

Car hire £7.50

Sex on the beach cocktail 🍸£4.00

“I can have a night on a Spanish island, hire a car, have a cocktail on the beach, fly back to London and still have £40 left over… OR I could have sat on a train. What would you have rather done?

“It was pretty surreal, having just arrived from the North of England. There were hundreds of Spanish horse riders on the beach – I grabbed a Sex on the Beach cocktail from the bar and spend the rest of the time relaxing in the sun.”

A very big up-yours to the British rail industry. Joe didn’t have to worry about getting back to Newcastle though, since he was able to get a lift back anyway.

I don’t blame him for taking this opportunity to get about. I’m very tempted to do the same one day – It’s an excellent excuse for a miniature abroad holiday!

Source: Indy100