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Do NOT Wash your hands during a Thunderstorm

It’s summer time in the UK, and despite the sun scorching us for a day or two, it usually follows with a good old thunderstorm.

However, you’re probably not aware of the things you’re advised against doing during these storms. For example, don’t wash your hands.

Sounds gross, but apparently it’s a genuine danger. As advised by The Met Office, turning on your taps and running some water land you a deathly electrocution.

When lightning strikes, it tries to find whatever it can that’s a conductor as it hits the ground. Pipes are generally metal – a conductor, which means lightning loves them.

On top of that, you have tap water coming through which happens to be a pretty good conductor also. Turning on the taps when water has been charged wouldn’t be pretty.

Lightning Thunderstorm

(Image: Wired)

Other Advice

That’s not the only advice the Met Office gives that we appear to ignore. You should really unplug all devices that you can when you hear thunder as it can cause power surges.

The amount of times I’ve sat watching the television to a thunderstorm kind of makes me feel ignorant.

If you happen to be in an exposed area and you feel your hair standing up on end, squat down with your arms around your knees and make sure you’re touching as little of the ground as possible.

Also, put your gold club down. Those cartoon flicks where lightning hits a held up golf club are partially based on reality.

The chances of being struck with lightning are about 1 in 300,000, apparently. But don’t bet your luck. 3 people a year are killed in the UK by lightning.

Stay safe.

Source: Met Office