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Manchester’s Brand New “Gravy Bar”…

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a “Gravy Bar” but if you happen to live near Manchester here in the UK then you’re lucky. It boasts to be the first of its kind, which explains a lot, and may well be the start of something big.

Gravy Bar MCR is apparently opening in the cities Northern Quarter in “early 2017” so that could be anytime now. No exact address seems to be provided as of yet, but I’m sure that will appear once ready. The way the menu describes how it works is you first choose your gravy, your “concept” and then some “extras”. It sounds truly delightful.

Gravy Bar MCR

From their twitter, warm gravy in a jar. With straws. (Image: @GravyBarMCR)

It’s not just the one regular kind of gravy either. While that is a choice there are multiple options including “Our Beasto” (a rich and dark meaty gravy with handfuls of beef), “Hot Chilli Gravy” (speaks for itself, also suitable for vegetarians), “Planetary Saviour” (vegan gravy made with artichokes) as well as a few others.

Splosh this gravy upon your “concept” which includes a range of meat of vegetable pies, the bar’s “mash of the day”, a hollowed bread “bowl” or even a huge Yorkshire pudding. It even looks like you can bring your own pies in if you’re not fancying any of their house ones. On top of all this you can add some “extras” such as stuffing balls or dipping chips. Perfect.

Gravy Bar MCR Finishing Touches

The bar says it’s putting together its final touches. Opening should be very soon. (Image: @GravyBarMCR)

Initially, this sounded quite stupid. However, now I’ve put it like this I think I’m going to have to give this place a visit.

Source: Huffington Post