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The Best Men’s Sunglasses & Spectacles to Suit Your Face Shape

Finding the best men’s sunglasses and men’s spectacles to fit your face shape can be tricky business. Sunglasses and spectacles styles for men are always changing, so finding the right men’s glasses to fit your face shape and personal style, needs some clever consideration.

At Man Wants, we’re not suckers for men’s trends, as discussed in our recent article ‘simple style hacks‘ – trend driven and fashion-forward men’s sunglasses hold an expiration date, which my make them redundant in GQ by the time the next season arrives. Our guide to timeless sunglasses and spectacle styles for men, will offer some guidance on choosing stylish glasses that suit you and will never go out of style.

The trick to finding the perfect men’s sunglasses to suit you, is all about identifying which face shape you have. Face Shapes are often primarily defined by Oval Face Shape, Rectangular Face Shape, Round Face Shape and Square Face Shape.

Oval Face Shape

If the length of your face is about 150% longer than the width of your face and your forehead is a little wider than your chin, you have an oval face shape. Oval face shapes are the most versatile when it comes to choosing men’s sunglasses and men’s glasses to try out. Most spectacles suit an oval face shape – but look out for glasses which are as wide as the broadest part of your face, typically your forehead.

Man Wants Recommends:

Sunglasses for men with a strong brow-line really compliment oval face shapes. D-Frame Sunglasses for Men, have always remained a favourite amongst bold, stylish men with the covetable Aviator sunglasses style, being a firm choice since the release of Top Gun. Choose a pair with a metal edge for extra style points. We like these polarised aviators from Lumex.

Rectangular Face Shape

The Rectangular face shape is in many ways, like the oval face shape. However, if you have a rectangular face shape, your forehead will not be as wide and your chin will be narrower with a more defined jaw-line for a balanced, oblong shape.

Man Wants Recommends:

Large angular glasses frames work on men with the rectangular face shape. Angular sunglasses in bold colours and styles will offer definition and bring width to the face. The classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster Style with retro accents are a fail-safe. Inspired by the 1950’s, this timeless men’s sunglasses design will bring a softer, width to the face around the temples for a stylish aesthetic.


Round Face Shape

If your face is about as long as it is wide and you have rounded cheeks and chin, you have a round face shape.

Man Wants Recommends:

If you have a round face shape and you want some definition, we suggest looking for men’s sunglasses and glasses which lengthen a round face. Angular, slim glasses styles with a narrower bridge will lengthen the face and provide some clean definition – whereas round and oval men’s glasses styles will enhance your natural face shape. We recommend the Holbrook Sunglasses from the Oakley Signature Men’s Sunglasses Series. Available in a range of tinted lenses and colour-ways, this timeless style screams of effortless masculinity with a nod to outdoor and sporting heritage styling.

Square Face Shape

Defined jaw, square chin and a forehead which is roughly the same width as the jawline means you have the square face shape.

Man Wants Recommends:

Oval and round sunglasses and spectacle shapes work superbly on men with the conventional, square face shape. Rounder style of glasses, soften the face shape. Oval sunglasses styles with tortoiseshell or coloured frames offer a vibrant offer a conventional take on a classic design for timeless appeal.