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Brace Yourself – Braces for Trousers Explained

Braces have made a huge comeback recently but how should you wear them and which ones should you buy? Braces will always be a staple classic across a number of fashion styles.

The two most popular styles of braces are the X Back and the Y Back, so let’s explore which option is the best for you!


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X Back

Also known as the four-clip design, these being more secure across the back because there are two straps that cross over and clip or button parallel to the front straps. Being more symmetrical and balanced, they feel safer to wear, particularly if you are more active and have a strong stride. These should be worn for more sturdy work like builders, tradesmen, and anglers to hold those waders up.

Y Back

These are the more traditional style and are known as the two-clip design with two clasps at the front and one at the back. They are considered to be less supportive than the X Back design however they are more suited to formal and business wear. The Y Back were the traditional style with some tailors just stitching a button in the centre of the trousers at the back to fasten them to.


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Button or Metal Clasp…?

Decisions, decisions! Both options have got their benefits so neither is better or worse than the other. The button style is certainly more traditional. If choosing the traditional Y style trouser braces one of the key points to consider is the placement of the buttons. The most important thing is that they are comfortable for you, wherever they are placed and whether they are worn on the inside or outside of the waist band.

Should you go for a metal clasp fastener, the stronger the fastener, the better. Basically, the fastener clasp clips on to the waistband. They can come in metal, or plastic and tend to be less expensive that a Y style trouser brace. The stronger the fastener the better on this option.  So, metal is usually the preferred and more reliable option because plastics or a weak metal could result in your braces pinging off or snapping from the weight of clothing stretching when and if you bend down for example. That’s why it’s so important to choose a high quality pair of braces.


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What are your preferences when it comes to Braces? Let us know in the comments below.