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Get The Look – Brad Pitt’s Casual Style

Brad Pitt. Instantly recognisable, annoyingly handsome and still in great shape at the age of 53.
There you go, just 3 reasons to hate the guy.

But we don’t. We rather like him. He’s a cool guy and the sort of bloke built to drape clothes from. It all seems so effortless yet he clearly goes to some trouble to establish this effortless style.

Image: Styles at Life

So here is our rough guide to establishing your own Pitt style.


He’s worn it all ways, this guy. Short, spiked, bleached, parted, long, super-long; you name it, he’s worn it that way. But with fashion trends leaning more toward the longer hair style for guys these days we’ve opted to get the Brad-with-long-hair look.

Image: Pinterest

If you have hair that grows pretty straight then you’re already on a winner. Let it grow!
If you’re sporting more of a curly barnet then you can probably apply some of your favourite holding product straight out of the shower and then brush it out after an hour or so. Your hair may kink a little but at least it won’t be corkscrews!

Brad’s hair has some tone to it. It’s essentially brown with light bits. Most likely the effect of having it bleached and coloured on a fairly regular basis.

Image: Pinterest

Once it’s at your shoulders, or even an inch or two shorter, you can stop. For the best effect let it grow to the same length all over. With that kind of a mop you can push it behind your ears for that almost trademark “Brad at the airport” look.

To complete the authentic Pitt hair appearance grow yourself a beard. Not too long, we’re not talking Billy Gibbons here. Just something that you can still see your face through but looks like you’ve lost your razor for a week or so.


Brad at the shops does not equal Brad on the premiere red carpet. Be warned!
There are exceptions, of course, but generally when he wants to look smart for an occasion such as a movie premiere he’ll wear the suit, the tux, the dickie-bow and he’ll wear them extremely bloody well.

We tend to think that the Brad at the shops look is a little more accessible.

The key word here is ‘drape’. Stuff looks great on this guy when it just hangs.

Image: Pinterest

Of course, you can get away with it when you have big shoulders and a flat front, but don’t let that put you off. If you’re a slim guy with a similar build by all means go for the loose cotton with long sleeves. Grandad vests and the like are available everywhere. Not least Marks and Spencer’s.

But if you’re ‘carrying a bit’ shall we say, then try something a little thicker than just flimsy cotton.

Fat Face and Next can be your friends here. Fat Face sizes wear large whereas Next can wear a bit more fitted. Never mind what size you’re used to looking for, try ’em on!

If you shop for large in Next you’ll probably not be disappointed by medium in Fat Face, for example.

Brad often wears his draped clothes above the belt (as shown below). Not necessarily tucked in to his pants but hanging from the belt.

Image: Daily Mail

Again, when you have that kind of a body you can do that.

If you’re a little broader around the waist be careful not to wear your clothes too long. It can kill the effect. Far better to look for something that hugs the shoulders and just falls to around belt height.

But always look for something with longer sleeves. A raglan style, if you have to.

Very much a spring / autumn look for the larger guy. For the slimmer bloke, you can probably wear the flimsy cotton stuff throughout the summer months.


If you’re one of those blokes that likes his skinny jeans to finish just shy of your ankles, you’re probably already crying reading this post. But fear not, we’re here to help.

Image: Pinterest

For the best Brad effect you’ll want to look at something either straight or bootcut. Brad doesn’t appear to enjoy the skinny denim look despite being a slim guy. His jeans hang well, fit the crotch with some ‘give’ and go all the way down to just over the boot. Nay an ankle or an espadrille in sight.

For our money LeviFiretrap and Gap are a good bet for obtaining that distressed, casual denim look on a relative budget.

Shoes and Accessories

Pitt bucks the trend to great effect here. Whereas most of us are opting for smart brogues, Pitt seems to continue his obsession with scuffed but sturdy boots. It’s all a part of that effortless, pseudo-cowboy appearance that he pulls off so well.

Suitable boots are available on the high street with remarkable ease these days. Next and River Island could well be your friends here.

Be sure to let the jeans hang low over them. Not flares. Nope. Flares are not yet back in style. Boot cut jeans that hang off the boot and don’t necessarily match the contour of your legs are your best bet when paired with a good boot.

Image: Just Jared

Belt and boots are to be matched at all costs.

If you wear a white belt with your brown boots, you’ll find women everywhere silently screaming ‘NO!’

Avoid the embarrassment by carefully matching your belt ‘n boots.

A good sturdy belt with the kind of buckle you could probably knock somebody out with are the right choice here. Leather look belts (or real leather if you’re not squeamish about cute and fluffy cows being hacked about for your vanity) always look smart wrapped around a pair of denims.

Image: Crushable

Brown leather belt + solid, chunky silver buckle + bootcut jeans + brown boots = win.

For added Pittness feel free to wear a loose jacket. Not too long and not too short. Again the style demands that everything comes to a halt around the belt line.

Good luck achieving maximum Pitness!