A 30 hour tattoo transformation with an amazing result
27th January 2017

A majestic tattoo is always great, we are all quite the admirer of stunning artistic works of ink here in the Man Wants office. However, some people do often feel that theirs is a mistake.

A bloke by the name of Wayne O’ Toole decided that his nod towards Polynesian culture wasn’t one of him brightest ideas and asked artist Ben Boston to do his magic and transform it into something completely different. Wayne probably never expected such an immaculate result though.

Tattoo Original

Wayne’s original Tribal tattoo. (Image: Facebook)

Wayne visited Boston at “The Tattoo Studio” down in Bristol, and made quite the epic transformation. Over several days and 30 hours worth of artistry, Wayne has been given the best transformation you could imagine.

Tattoo Complete

The epic transformation! (Image: Facebook)

The viral sensation has done massive favours for The Tattoo Studio, with over 15 million views on Facebook and no available bookings until 2018! Looks like everyone is desperate to get a shred of Ben’s talent inked for themselves. You can view more of his work on the official parlour’s facebook page.

Source: Facebook


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