6 Useful Tips for First Time Beard Growers
24th January 2017

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There is a lot more than what meets the eye for first time beard growers – if only it was as simple as putting down the razor. If you want to get yourself a full set of facial hair, but also take a bit of pride in your appearance, you have to learn how to live with it.

From my experience, there is a lot more to taking a bearded journey than just putting down your razor. It’s an easy mistake to make in your early years, and the result can potentially become an untidy and trampish mess. Through my teens, I aspired to look like some of my bearded inspirational figures, and even now later in life I still get that inspirational feeling.

Ben Affleck, Brent Hinds, Nick Cannon.

Ben Affleck, Brent Hinds, Nick Cannon. Big or small, beards suit all men. (Images: MF, MI)

All men are gifted with the ability of beard growing, regardless of their profession or lifestyle. Here are some things you may want to know before you go ahead:

A first time beard will take a while

Sorry to say it, but like I mentioned before – it’s not a case of putting the razor down and suddenly having a fluffy face. If you want to grow a beard properly, it will take time. Obviously, this kind of thing can vary from person to person, but generally speaking you will have to wait it out a bit. Two months, maybe three, is the time you should give yourself to grow a full and proper beard.

Over that time, you’ll get a better idea of where you stand in terms of growth rate. That way you can make much better pre-planning for yourself.

First time beard: Great things come to those with patience

Great things come to those with patience. (Image: Right This Minute)

Growth products?

A first time beard grower may have wondered already, do they work? From personal experience, I had no luck. In the same way diet pills don’t make people thin, beard growth products didn’t further my progression to becoming a caveman.

However, different people are affected differently by these kinds of things. VitaBeard, for example, has a mixed reaction from consumers and isn’t ridiculously expensive. It’s up to you whether you want to bother or not.


Do, or don’t? It’s your choice, but VitaBeard is supposed to be good for the money. (Image: Tools of Men)

Growth rates vary

Like I briefly covered before, growth rates can vary from person to person. While some men only need up to a month to get themselves their desired amount of growth, others could take up to half a year.

Other areas may start earlier than the rest. Typically, it’s the chin area that surpasses the cheeks, so give them time to catch up before you start to perfect your trim and shape.

Bald or patchy spots may occur on your cheek. Give them time, they’ll fill. Trust me, nobody is going to notice them but you anyway.

Patchy beard

Patchy beards don’t always look that bad, really. (Image: Mens XP)

Connectors and colour

Connectors sometimes don’t appear symmetrical, which for a first time beard grower can be a pain. Again, most people won’t even notice, only yourself, but if you need to sort it then just make any amends necessary to achieve symmetry. I found the connectors from my mustache down to my chin beard took longer than the rest, making it difficult to achieve perfection, but I did what I could until it caught up.

As for colour, you’ll notice all sorts of shades showing up. As someone with darker hair, I tend to get small streaks of blonde, grey, brown and red. If you ask me, it adds character to your beard rather than a single solid colour. Definitely something worth keeping to your advantage.

Different colours

Different colours glimmering through is completely natural, and shows character. (Image: Flickr)

It might get a bit itchy

It can be quite difficult to avoid, but some beards get a little itchy. The reason this happens is because you have shaved before. Those beard hairs have been made sharp, so they can start to irritate. It does go away as it’s just part of the growing process, but sometimes it gets a bit much. How do you suppress it until then? There are a few ways.

It may be common sense to wash your beard anyway, but doing it properly will avoid this irritating itch if it’s giving you hell. Once every other day allows the natural oils to do their job without you interfering too much. Conditioning , moisturizing, brushing and trimming your beard will also help to avoid the nasty itch.


Try not to scratch your face off. (Image: Dashing Gent)

Eating and drinking is still possible

It sounds disgusting, but traces of food and drink can be left behind in your facial hair. Not to worry though. Unless you eat like an animal, you can still eat and drink with minimal mess. Personally, I just trim any facial hair that tends to overhang anywhere so that nothing gets caught in it.

Drippy foods such as sauces will be your real enemy. However, as long as you’re not recklessly slobbering, mess will be no worse than normal. It is generally a good idea to invest in a napkin if you can though, just in case. If you’re rocking a ZZ Top style beard, baby wipes could be a better option.

Food beard

It shouldn’t resort to anything like this… (Image: Whiskerino)

I hope those tips come as some use to all you aspiring first time beard growers, and good luck on your journey to acquiring the appearance of a REAL man.

Source: My own life experiences

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