7 Reasons why you SHOULD grow a Beard
27th March 2017

Are you toying with the idea of growing your beard? Well, we’re here to sway you. Benefiting both your physical and mental health, growing a beard is the only way forward. With science, public perception, and genetics on your side, we can’t believe you’re just considering it.

It was hard to limit the list to only seven, but we’ve narrowed the top seven reasons why you should grow your beard.

Bye-bye UV Rays

Okay, so that probably wasn’t first on your mind. But it makes sense, no? In growing a beard, you are going to be protecting your face from harmful UV rays that can cause extreme damage to your skin.

Studies show that beards can block 50-95 percent of the sun’s harmful rays, depending upon the thickness and angle at which your face is meeting the sun. Of course, the parts of your skin that are not covered by your beard need sunscreen, but this is arguably the most natural way of protecting one’s skin from UV rays.

Grow a Beard Water

Image: Wild-willies.com

Oh also, don’t you remember that the sun can cause skin cancer? And with the rate in which skin cancer impacts people, you should be doing all you can to prevent it.

Keeps You Young

No, we don’t just mean that a beard alters your appearance and makes you physically look young in the moment. While that may be the case for some, what we mean more is that since it protects your skin from sun damage, and this corresponds to youthful looking skin as you age.

Your skin will not show the typical signs of aging, like brown spots or discoloration, but instead, you will have subtler, smoother, and more hydrated facial skin. You know what else this means?

Less wrinkles. Since your skin will be naturally nourished and protected from the sun, this automatically means you’ll have less wrinkles. With so many ways to grow thick beards and maintain your beard, why not tap into this easy youth serum?

Shaving Your Face Can Cause Shaving Acne

Yeah, you read that right. We have all seen a guy with unfortunate shaving bumps on his face, otherwise known as shaving acne. This stems from multi-blade razors, with the first blade lifting the hair from the skin and the remaining blades cutting the facial hair below the level of skin. Hence, a close shave.

Grow A Beard Shave

Image: Shopsmart.co.id

By the time the facial hair is growing back, your skin has already grown over the cut hair, causing the hair to literally push through the skin. This is where you will see razor bumps appear, because the skin that is trying to come through causes irritation, making your face look bumpy, red, and unpleasant.

Prevents Bacterial Infections

Beards naturally covers the pores of your skin, meaning that bacteria are going to have a hard time finding their way in and starting an infection.

Bacterial infections can be nasty and can easily happen on skin that is exposed or vulnerable. In fact, shaving can actually make your skin more susceptible to bacteria as it opens portals on your skin that would otherwise be closed if your beard was left unshaved.

Warm Face, Warm Brain?

If you’ve spent any time in bitter, cold temperatures, your beard has been a saving grace. A study done in China showed that men’s lips were warmer than their uncovered cheeks, illustrating that men do stay warmer from their beards. In fact, beards can do such a good job of keeping men’s heads warm, that some scientists say it may overheat the brain!

Boosts Your Self Esteem

Fact: people with more confidence have more success in every part of their life. Studies show that beards make men feel more powerful, confident, and attractive in their everyday lives, ultimately bolstering their success and positive attitude.

Grow a Beard

Image: 12up.com

This means that men who consciously make the decision to grow and maintain their beards are experiencing a natural boost in their self-assurance.

You Probably Look Better with a Beard

Never has someone said, you looked better without the beard. And if they did, they’re probably over the age of 65. Women love men with beards and also rising trend is bearded with tattoos. Giving you an antiquated appearance that makes women perceive you as mysterious and other-worldly, beards are to women what catnip is to cats.

Even more, caring for a beard shows dedication. So,turning up with a well-groomed mane on your face makes people perceive you as better looking simply because it shows you take care of yourself. No one likes sloppiness or laziness; so, from a stubble to a hefty beard, if you’re showcasing class and care, everyone will think you look better.


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